The best online shops


Photo taken from @TPWKoutlet on Depop

@TPWKoutlet on Depop sells style bundles based on TV characters.

Depop and Etsy are among the most popular shopping apps. I (Irene) started using Depop during quarantine and began selling my own clothes. I have loved Etsy for a while because of small businesses that share their creations like crochet handbags, stickers, and jewelry. Being a popular fan of both shopping apps for years, I have gained a level of knowledge in how to find the ‘good stuff.’ 

We will be sharing the best shops on these online platforms. 

@Greensignal on Depop has a lot of cute clothing options. (Photo taken from @Greensignal on Depop)

@Greensignal on Depop

I love this shop so much! They sell a lot of fairy-type or cottagecore type clothes. Every time I go on this Depop shop, I am guaranteed to find something I like to add to my long shopping cart. The clothes she sells are pretty versatile to fit different styles again depending on how the wearer styles the items. Clothes on @greensignal range from gingham blouses to floral skirts to dresses. 

ragtrader on Etsy

This is my favorite jewelry store EVER! Their rings are so beautiful and have an antique style. I have a rose ring and a rose quartz necklace. Both of these accessories are on my top list of favorite jewelry. They also offer bookmarks, watches, and bracelets. While a little on the pricier side, the jewelry is definitely worth it because of its high quality and adjustable rings. 

@TPWKoutlet on Depop

I recently found this Depop shop, and I love their style bundles. The seller offers a lot of style bundles based on movie/show characters, and the bundles include two outfits or more depending on the price. My favorites bundles right now are Rory Gilmore’s (“Gilmore Girls”), Kat Stratford’s (“10 Things I Hate About You”), and Jackie Burkhart’s (“That 70’s Show”). 

Izzy bought a customizable tote bag from TheDistrictPrinting on Etsy. (Photo Credit: Isabelle Brookshire)

TheDistrictPrinting on Etsy 

This shop was recommended to me by Isabelle “Izzy” Brookshire ‘22 after I asked where their tote bag was from. They have pretty cool bags with different prints and designs. Izzy shared why she loves this Etsy shop: “They were so helpful throughout the entire process of customizing my order. The product itself is super cute, durable, and hasn’t let me down yet! Plus, who wouldn’t want a customizable playlist tote bag?” 

@zaynne on Depop 

This next shop I recently found after scrolling through my Depop style edit. I like the clothes they offered and a lot of the items have affordable pricing. Aside from myself, Cicleri Lopez ‘24 loves this shop. She happily shared, “I like the shop because it fits my style and there are a lot of neutral colored or green colored clothes I like. I have been told my style is ‘indie’ or tomboyish. I love the 90s vibes of this shop, and I love 90s fashion. The clothes accurately express who I am.”

@Zaynne is another amazing online shop. (Photo taken from @Zaynne on Depop. )

LePetiteSprout on Etsy

If you like wearing simple jewelry and are a fan of Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, or Olivia Rodrigo, then this shop is just right for you. Le Petite Sprout sells fandom rings and necklaces, all originally designed by Chrysanne, the owner. Beyond popular artists, she also has Loki, Coraline, and Matthew Gray Gubler inspired jewelry. Her bestsellers include her “we’ll be alright,” “H Card,” and “shining mirrorball” necklaces. 

Emma Silva ‘23, who has bought one of Le Petit’s Sprout’s bestsellers, said, “I bought this adorable engraved ‘we’ll be alright’ necklace from LePetiteSprout. I am a massive Harry Styles fan and an Etsy addict, so when I saw this necklace, I fell in love and bought it ASAP. Her store has the cutest subtle-fan jewelry, and it is such good quality.”

If you are looking for fashionable clothes, cute jewelry, or other items, these Depop and Etsy shops are sure to have something you like! 

Emma Silva bought an adorable Harry Styles necklace from Le Petite Sprout. (Photo taken from @le.petite.sprout on Instagram)