Spring break plans


(Photo Provided by Dorothy Castellana)

Dorothy taking a couple photos in New York as she enjoys her visit in New York.

Julissa Gonzalez and Kimberly Gallo , Staff Writer

Summer is right around the corner, but it’s not exactly here yet. Although we are not quite done with the school year, we will get a small glimpse of summer these next two weeks of spring break. Many Royals are staying in town, but others are traveling with family and friends for a small vacation or to visit their future college.

Liana Hanz ’22 states, “I will be going on a road trip to San Diego this spring break and will be staying with my brother Alex, who is staying at his apartment at UC San Diego. I am really excited since I get to  tour the campus and get a feel of college for a week.”

Junior Alex Bohn shares, “I am going to a family house in Smoke Tree Palm Springs for Easter weekend. Fun fact, Walt Disney’s statue with Mickey in front of the castle has the emblem for Smoke Tree on his tie because he also has a house out there. I am going to see all my cousins and grandparents for our annual tradition.”

Dorothy Castellana ‘22 says, “I will be traveling to New York to see my family and to visit FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). I will also be attending St. John’s admitted student day. I am between staying in California or going to school in New York as of now.”

Even if you are not leaving town for a vacation, you can still enjoy your spring break by going to the beach with friends, jumping in the pool, or even just having a relaxing self care day with friends.

Alex Bohn and her entire family enjoying a nice day out. (Photo Provided by Alex Bohn)