A glimpse of life at Pepperdine


(Photo Credit: Neal Dofelmier)

I was able to grab a quick picture with Pepperdine’s mascot which is the Wave.

Alicia Dofelmier, Features Editor

Last Friday, April 1, I had the opportunity to attend Pepperdine’s Admitted Students Day. Since I had already committed, it was more of a chance for me to get a small taste of what my college experience has in store for me. 

The day started off with President Jim Gash welcoming everyone to campus. Then there was a worship celebration led by current students to help give a taste of what spirituality is like on campus.

After that, it was lunch and the Student Life Fair. At the Student Life Fair, I was able to learn more about studying abroad, different clubs offered, and the academic and wellness services offered to students. 

From there I was able to meet a few of the professors from both the Business and Psychology departments. This was helpful for me personally since I will be majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Psychology. 

This is a picture of me standing by the ocean that Pepperdine’s campus overlooks. (Photo Credit: Neal Dofelmier)

The last two events of the day were an admitted students panel and a studying abroad session. I was able to ask current students any questions I had about Pepperdine, and it was a great experience.

Every single answer that I was given made me even more certain that this was the school for me. The studying abroad session gave me very helpful information about each of the different programs and when I need to apply. My plan is to hopefully study abroad for a year in Switzerland.

Overall, the day was amazing in every possible way. Every single current student and professor that I met genuinely seemed to love Pepperdine. In addition, everyone was super welcoming and willing to answer any questions that I had. And as I wandered the campus learning so many new things, I became even more certain that this is the school for me, and I am so excited to start Pepperdine in the fall.