Trinitas heads to State Fest!

Trinitas heads to State Fest!

Lauren Cottrell, Staff Writer

This weekend, April 8-10, members of Trinitas Arts Academy will be competing at the California State Thespian Festival at Upland Highschool or “State Fest.”

State Fest features multiple performances presented by high school students from throughout the state. Students participate in a variety of workshops led by theatre professionals, perform or view individual performances and tech events, audition for scholarships, and hang out with 1200 other California Thespians. I interviewed some excited Trinitas Royals and Friars to hear what they plan to perform/participate in this weekend!

Rosary Senior Anna Dicrisi ‘22 shares her favorite part of State Fest, “The thing that is so special about State Festival is the people you’re surrounded with when you go. All around you are passionate and driven young adults interested in the arts. My favorite part would have to be either watching my friends compete with their pieces on Friday or watching other high schools perform their mainstage productions throughout the weekend! I’m performing monologues from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and ‘Angels in America.’ I’m also singing ‘For Good’ from Wicked with Grace Horeczko ‘22.”

Matt Ellersick ‘23 is also looking forward to this weekend; he states, “I will be performing a solo of the song ‘On the street where you live’ and a duet with Gigi Coo ‘24 of ‘Suddenly Seymour.’ I am very excited!”

Sophia Kondo ‘22 will be competing in the tech side category this festival; she explains, “I’m competing in the stage management IE. For this I have to prepare a prompt book, which is my stage manager binder with the script, score, technical cues, blocking, attendance sheets, rehearsal reports, conflict sheets, rehearsal schedule, etc. Since my IE isn’t a performance like everyone else’s is, I have to treat it like an interview for a job and explain the rehearsal process and collaborative process with our artistic, musical, and technical directors as well as the cast and crew.”

Servite Friar David Graham ’22 shares his two events; stating, “I’ll be performing a song on my own and doing a scene with two friends. I’m also super excited for the shows and workshops we get to participate in!”

Isabella Dascanio ‘22 will be dancing up a storm this weekend; she shares, “I am so excited to be performing this weekend at the Thespian State Fest! I will be performing a dance solo to ‘I Gotcha’ by Liza Minnelli and doing a few monologues too. I’m also going to be dancing in the Opening number!”

Sounds like these Royals and Friars have got a very exciting weekend ahead of them. The Rosary and Servite community wishes them the best of luck!