Comedy Sportz Senior Night


Photo provided by Brook Medina '22

Comedy Sportz team and their amazing personalities.

Kim Pham, Staff Writer

On Friday, April 1st the Comedy Sportz team celebrated its three talented Rosary seniors, Giovana Watson ‘22, Brooke Medina ‘22, and Isabella Descanio ‘22. 

After a year of hard work and laughter, Comedy Sportz ended their 2021-2022 season with their last match and senior night last Friday. This was their first year back in person after having their matches virtually all last year. Despite being all online last year, the seniors worked extremely hard to bring Comedy Sportz back to its full potential. 

As the last time being on stage with the Comedy Sportz team, Jojo (Giovana) stated, “It feels really bittersweet because I’m sad that I won’t have this to look forward to on Fridays and that I won’t be able to be with these people Every Friday, but I know that everyone is going to do a great job with the program in the future.” 

The three seniors posing for a picture before their last match. (Photo Credit: Giovana Watson)

It is always hard to say goodbye, but the memories that were made are the most important. Brooke Medina shared one of her favorite memories: “Playing ‘Replay at Bernie’s’ which is essentially one person is killed off every time you redo the scene and the remaining players have to do the scene by picking up the “dead” players in their place. I also like doing pun games lol. Overall, the people are fun, and I have been so lucky to be with such a fun, talented, and kind group who always lifts each other up.” 

And last but not least, Isabella shared what made Comedy Sportz so special, “I love our team. We are all so supportive of each other, we laugh at each other’s jokes, we help bring people into scenes, and we want to give everyone their moment to shine. I think it’s amazing that we have so much love in this small group of people.”