College for the class of 2023


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A map of some of the top colleges from every state.

Julissa Gonzalez, Staff Writer

As the class of 2022 is heading off to college after months of planning, it’s time for the Class of 2023 (and even some Class of 2022 who are still undecided) to start thinking about their future.

On Monday, Mar. 28, the RACC College Fair took place at Rosary Academy. All grade levels were invited to attend and see what colleges were present. Many juniors attended the college fair and plan to attend more as they search for their future college.

Kathleen Martinez ’23 shares, “This was the first college fair I attended. I’m not really sure where I want to go, but I think that it was very helpful. I have begun to think about schools I haven’t even heard of before. I definitely recommend everyone to go because you get to learn about all the opportunities open to you and important dates about applications and everything.”

Junior Emma Oskorus states, “When looking for a college, I look for school spirit, sports, location, and opportunities for me to participate in. I love to participate in school activities and want to continue to be active throughout my college years.”

Senior Jessica Avila who has already applied to all her colleges of choice and is currently deciding on which college to attend states, “When searching for a college, you need to take everything into consideration like the school size, classes offered, location, and most importantly visit the campuses you would like to attend.”

If you are not sure what to ask colleges when touring or talking with a college counselor, the Rosary Academy Counseling Department has some helpful tips for you.

If you need help when talking to colleges, here is a list of questions to ask. (Photo provided by Mrs. Sanchez)

Searching for colleges to attend takes time, but with the support from your counselors and dedication, you will find the right college. Remember to attend multiple college fairs, open houses, and make an effort to communicate with your college counselors when applying.