Best April Fool’s pranks!


(Photo credit: @Lovelacefamilymedicine on Instagram)

Find pink friends in your yard with Flock your neighbor!

Skylar Cooper, Staff Writer

Guess what! Finals week is being pushed to the first week of April!


Alright, we got that out of the way. Here are some AMAZING April Fools jokes to play on your friends and family! But beware of the payback you will receive due to use of these jokes!

  1. The classic feather trick from “Home Alone”

Now, how to do this trick. Get fake feathers (or whatever you have handy) and carefully place them on top of the blades of a fan. Preferably in a bedroom, but if not, that’s okay. Now all you have to do is wait for your victim to turn their fan on and be surrounded by feathers!

  1. All eyes are on you

This one you might have to stay up for. Wait until everyone is asleep and put googly eyes on every item in your refrigerator! Make the milk stare at whoever opens the door next with this handy trick.

  1. Upside down house

This one will also require you to stay up late. For this trick, find all the picture frames and items in your house that are able to be placed upside down. For example, pictures, books, decorations, refrigerator magnets, food items and more are great options! Get creative with your items, but don’t break anything.

  1. Would you like a caramel apple?

This is a trick that will make you get your hands dirty but will ensure revenge. Buy as many onions as there are people in your household, caramel sauce, and sticks to put in them. Peel the onions and heat the caramel sauce. Make sure you cover them well enough to mask the color and smell of the onion. Then, after dinner, offer everyone this tasty treat! It can also work with other vegetables and sauces.

Compare and contrast to this evil trick of caramel onions! (Photo credit: @Vocalpoint on Instagram)
  1. Flock your friend or neighbor!

Two brothers started the ‘Flock Your Yard’ prank. After a purchase of a flock, they will go to the persons yard and place dozens of plastic flamingos all over! It will be removed the next day or by request a few days later. I’m sure your parents will be thrilled!

Have a safe and fun April Fool’s day, I hope these jokes work and spark some fun with friends and family! Comment below with more tricks and reactions!