Sisters take on family day


Kathleen and Elizabeth at the Newport bluffs during family day. (Photo Credit: Elizabeth Martinez ’22)

Elizabeth and Kathleen Martinez, Staff Writers

Oh… Family day, where do we begin? Our family day is the one day per week devoted to so called family bonding time.


It is fun, don’t get us wrong, but family day seems to exceed its limits within the Martinez household. Every Sunday, we have certain rules and are forbidden to hangout with friends or do any homework because it is family day.


During the day we have a routine—or so called ritual—that brings family day to life. First, we start with our mom’s favorite part of family day, Sunday Mass. It is the only way to begin family day, but it has to be done with the whole family, and you’re not allowed to go to Mass with anyone else. Before Mass, our mom fasts. But the rest of the family can’t go without food, so our dad cooks up breakfast, and we run out the door five minutes before. If we are late to Mass… it is a rule that we must find another.


Ben, our beloved brother, and Liz after mass.
(Photo Credit: Elizabeth Martinez)


After mass, our next rule is to partake in family fun time! Personally, this is Elizabeth Martinez’s ’22 favorite part of the day, but Kathleen Martinez ’23, not so much: “I hate being shoved in a small car and listening to my brother chew whatever food he decided to bring. I also am always stuck in the middle seat, and although I’m the middle child, it doesn’t mean I have to always be in the middle.”


One time, Kathleen tried to do homework on a family day, but when her mother found out, her homework was taken away. Then, she was advised to make up for her mistakes by going on a family walk. After the walk, our mother allowed Kathleen to finish her homework with plenty of reluctance.


Our previous family day was a fun one! We were able to go down to Newport beach and walk on the bluffs for a little while. After, we ransacked a local coffee shop and stole our parents’ money to buy coffee and treats. We had a great family day, until we had to rush home so that Kathleen could make it to her confirmation meeting.


Had a little beach photo shoot with our dad (Erick) and mom (Colleen).
(Photo Credit: Elizabeth Martinez)


Just three caffeinated siblings!
(Photo Credit: Elizabeth Martinez)


After a long day, my mom was tired after the beach, and after 6:00 p.m., family dinners, and praying the Rosary, she decided to fall asleep. After, she used Elizabeth as her personal pillow. Elizabeth would not recommend it.


Mommy and Lizzy…
(Photo Credit: Elizabeth Martinez ’22)


Our family day has been enjoyed for over two years now, but despite all the silly fights, it’s been pretty fun. We have been able to create lasting memories at cool places, and we’re closer than ever.