What music are these Royals and Friars listening to?


This is a collage of Rosary and Servite students’ playlists. (Photo Credit: Lauren Cottrell)

Lauren Cottrell, Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer, Staff Writer

Attention all Spotify or Apple music listeners. If you are obsessed with music, this is the article for you! Sit back and relax as we dive into both Royals’ and Friars’ favorite playlists and the underlying meanings that follow!

This is a photo of my playlist “/” filled with songs from the late 80s, 90s, and indie jams to bust a move on the dance floor to or simply just cry while driving on PCH.
(Photo by Elizabeth Martinez ‘22)

We’re starting off with me of course! “I am Elizabeth (Liz) and I can say I am quite a bit too obsessed with Spotify and music in general. Every playlist I make has a special meaning that connects to my heart and soul. Specifically, my precisely 7 hour and 26-minute playlist, “/” is my favorite at the moment and the slash mark represents living on the threshold of life. These songs personally have helped me grow into my independence. Truly, I listen to this playlist every day and highly recommend others to listen as well!”

As for me (Lauren ’22), I have an excessive amount of perfectly curated Spotify playlists for my various moods. I have been told many times that I listen to “dad music” by Dorothy Castellana ‘22; yet, I could not drive those monotonous 45 minutes to Rosary every morning without some ACDC, Blink-182, and Bon Jovi. While I may have a whopping twelve different playlists, the one I listen to most is my “road trip playlist” that I created on the way to Palm Springs this summer.

This is a photo of my “roadtrip” playlist.
(Photo Credit: Lauren Cottrell ’22)

Next, we introduce the party man himself: Servite boy and DJ, Jp St. Pierre ‘22. He spoke on his favorite playlist “Haus” saying, “This is my favorite playlist right now because it always gets me in a good mood for real. There are absolutely no skips at all within this playlist. As a Dj at school, it gets everyone lit between classes.”

Continuing on, we have Justine Avalos ‘23, speaking on her favorite playlist called “Summa time.” She said, “My playlist never fails to put me in a good mood, as it is a work in progress, I love updating it and see where it goes. Overall it reminds me of summer and the beach!”

Next, we have Servite Friar, Lucca Deocariza ‘22 expressing his love for his “Insert hang loose emoji*” playlist. He states, “Growing up listening to 90’s and early 2000’s rock music, I can always rely on blink-182, the kooks, or the red hot chili peppers to put me in a good mood. Travis Barker inspired me to learn to play the drums, thus beginning my journey in music. Fun fact, my friends and I put out some music on Spotify back in middle school. One of our songs is on the playlist; guess which one!”

Lucca’s hang loose playlist! Give him a follow on Spotify @luccadeo
(Photo by Lucca Deocariza ‘22)

Next, we interviewed the music maestro herself, Frida Gonzalez ‘22. She shows us one of her many playlists called “Tes.” She talks on the deeper meaning saying, “Well this playlist is my driving playlist but the title cover is actually a picture of my tesla that I once drove until I crashed it into a fire hydrant. Oops. But overall this playlist is the most fun to listen to because I know mostly every word to all of these songs.”

This is a picture of Jp’s go-to DJ playlist, “Haus.” For more fun playlists, follow @Jp.stp
(Photo by: Jp St. Pierre ‘22)

We then asked hockey star Landon Patz ‘22 who stated, “My favorite music is Disney movie music. ‘Life is a Highway’ from the movie “Cars” is my favorite song out of the whole ‘Cars’ movie soundtrack because it gives off good vibes.”

Dorothy Castellana ‘22 shares her favorite  tunes, “My music taste is all over the place, but I love 60’s and 70’s rock. I have a playlist based on music from my favorite director Wes Anderson. He always has such great soundtracks. I have discovered so much new music through movies, that’s where most of my playlist inspiration comes from.”

Xavier Cardenas lll ‘22, Servite friar and RnB lover, showed us his “rnb” Spotify playlist. He described it saying, “This is my go-to playlist that I can always vibe to because it always gets me into a mellow, down-to-earth mood and how could anyone dislike Bryson Tiller.”

We then asked Servite seniors Lucas D’Eramo with a mix of Nathan Tabio’s input on their music taste and his favorite Spotify playlist called, “Ride Home.” He said, “The music I listen to depends on the day, some days I listen to indie and some days its hard rap. Me and Nathan Tabio diversify within the culture of rap, indie and R&B; some days when DJ man Jp isn’t annoying I listen to house music.”

This is a photo of Frida’s “Tes” playlist showcasing her crashed car. Thats gotta be rough. Follow @fritz on Spotify!
(Photo by Frida Gonzalez)

Tennis star Andy Loughran ‘22 shared his music taste, stating, “My music really

This is a photo of Olivia’s playlist, “Rn” featuring the title cover with her boyfriend/Servite friar Ian Schutt ‘22.
(Photo Credit: Olivia Eyler)

depends on my mood. Surfaces, Coldplay, or the “energy country playlist” on Spotify are all some of my favorites.”

Last, but least. Just kidding. Although mostly all of these featured playlists were from

Spotify, we don’t discriminate, here is Olivia Eyler’s ‘22 “Rn” Apple music playlist. She described the playlist saying, “I like my playlist that is called “right now.” It’s all of my favorite songs at the moment and it makes me happy and fits all my moods.”

Overall, these Royals and Friars really enjoyed searching for their favorite playlist. Whether it was summer vibes, 90s rock, right now, or songs to drive after you crashed your car, these boys and girls have so much to listen to. Make sure to give them a follow and check out all of these Spotify and Apple music lovers!

This is a photo of Dorothy’s “Burday” playlist.
(Photo Credit: Dorothy Castellana)
Lucas and friend, Nathan enjoy listening to their “Ride home” playlist on their rides home.
Follow Lucas @Lucas D’Eramo.
(Photo Credit: Lucas D’Eramo)
This is a photo of the “rnb” playlist.
(Photo Credit: Xavier Cardenas lll)


This is a photo of Justine’s playlist, “Summa Time” which can be found on Spotify @justineavalos15.
(Photo Credit: Justine Avalos ‘22)
This is a photo of Landon’s “Life is a Highway” playlist.
(Photo Credit: Landon Patz)
This is a photo of Andy’s “game day” playlist.
(Photo Credit: Andy Loughran)