Fun activities to do with friends


(Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License)

An image of a playground which is a place where you can channel your inner child.

Alicia Dofelmier, Features Editor

Are you bored of the current activities that you do with your friends? Are you looking for fun and new activities to try? Well, lucky for you, I have decided to compile a list of new activities that you can try with your friends. Without further ado, here it is:

1. Do a movie night. Now, I know that you may be thinking that a movie night is not special in any way, but if done the right way, it can be. So, here’s how to have a truly special movie night. Do a movie night under the stars. A lot of parks offer summer movie nights under the stars. Or, if you don’t want to wait till summer, find a projector and a good backyard. You can also bring snacks and treats and invite as many friends as you’d like. On its own, a movie night can be boring, but if you do it under the stars, you and your friends will truly have a memorable experience.

2. Have a midnight picnic. Here’s another activity that can be done under the stars, but this activity doesn’t require a projector or even a backyard. All you need is food and your wonderful friends. You could do it in a park, by a lake, or even on a mountain. Making memories under the stars with your friends will truly make your high school experience even better.

3. A long drive-but a long drive where you get lost. And I know what you may be thinking-why would I want to get myself lost? Getting lost normally isn’t the best experience, but when you set out knowing that you want to get lost and not worrying about where you’re going to end up, getting lost can be fun. You might even find a new favorite coffee shop.

Having a picnic is a great way to get outside while spending time with friends. (Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License)

4. Go shopping with your friends. I know this is another activity that you’ve probably done over and over again with your friends, but just hear me out. Go into your favorite store and pick out an outfit for your friend. Have your friend do the same, but make sure that they don’t see it and that you don’t see the outfit that they picked out. Then, give each other your outfits and make sure that you each wear that outfit for the rest of the day. Not only will this probably bring many laughs together, but it’s also a great way to see just how well your friend knows you and your style. 

5. Go to a park, but not just a park with only grass. Make sure to choose a park that has swings, slides, grass, and maybe even a rock wall. And while you’re at the park, you can also play childhood games like hide and seek, tag, and my personal favorite: leapfrog. Was that just a shameless plug for “The Sound of Music?” Should you come to see “The Sound of Music?” The answer to both of those questions is yes. But in all seriousness, having fun at a park can help you and your friends channel your inner child, and channeling your inner child is always a fun thing to do since it can bring back memories of simpler and easier times. 

Well, that’s the end of the list, and I hope that you guys enjoyed these ideas. So, the next time that you’re not sure what to do with friends, try one of these activities. And who knows, maybe you and your friends will even find a new favorite activity to do together.