Weird Celeb Interactions


The Time I: Weird Celeb Interactions (Photo by: Elizabeth Martinez ’22)

Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

As cool as we try to be, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Here are some Royals’ awkward or unmemorable meetings with celebrities:

Starting off, Mandy Puga ‘24 discussed the time she technically met Snape from Harry Potter! She said, “At the time, I was only around two-years-old, but I remember being in line to get into California Adventure at Disneyland, and my mom was just pushing me around in the stroller when all of a sudden she spotted Snape! She described him as just an average nice man who was a fan of me and my stroller. Random, but what are the odds!”


Most of you all know this is Severus Snape.
(Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License)

Next, Brooke Kizziar ‘22 shared a story of her meeting THE Gordan Ramsay: “So when I went to Vegas a couple of years ago, my family and I ate at this super nice steakhouse in the Cosmopolitan Hotel called “STK.” About 20 minutes into getting settled at our table, my parents would not stop looking over my head and behind me. I was kind of weirded out until they told me to turn around. Then BOOM, at the booth right behind me is THE Gordon Ramsay. I got so nervous. I had been watching Gordon Ramsay cook for as long as I can remember. I built up the courage to walk over to his table and ask for a photo. He was actually so nice. His head is massive though in person, but I 10/10 recommend meeting Gordon Ramsay at least once in your life.”


Just Gordon and Brooke Kizziar chillin at the steakhouse.
(Photo Provided by Brooke Kizziar ’22)

Next, Jojo Watson ‘22 revealed the time she met YouTuber David Dobrik and his squad: “My sister took my grandma and I to a Scotty Sire concert, and I saw David Dobrik and the whole Vlog Squad including Jason Nash’s mom. As I was completely in shock, I turned around to take a closer look, and I totally rammed into Jason’s mom on accident. All I could do was apologize, and she just said, “It’s a totally fine sweetie pie” and continued dancing the night away with the Vlog Squad.”


Here is David Dobrik, the leader of the Vlog Squad.
(Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License)

Last but not least, I have a personal story about the time I met YouTuber Brent Rivera. I ended up being invited to hang out with his friends, but I realized the address they sent me led to Brent Rivera’s household. I figured this out when I went up to his large glass door and as I peered through, I saw he was climbing up his rock wall in the distance. I already knew my 12-year-old dreams of meeting him were coming to life. When I walked into his house, he was very welcoming and even offered my friend and I some popsicles. Friendly but an interesting guy to say the least.


Here is the YouTube star with 26 million subscribers, Brent Rivera.
(Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License) (Disney Channel)

All these interesting times lead up to the questionwhat are the odds? These stories are definitely weird but cool. If you have weird interactions with any celeb, feel free to leave a comment down below!