Royals’ Favorite Stuffed Animals


(Photo Provided by Isabella Dascanio)

A picture of Isabella’s favorite stuffed animal, Kitty Gorl.

Alicia Dofelmier, Features Editor

Recently, many stuffed animals have infiltrated the campus. This prompted me to want to ask different Royals what their favorite stuffed animals are and why. Without further ado, here are their answers.

First up we have Isabela Delgado ‘24. She shared why her stuffed animal named Hammie the pig is her favorite: “He helps me when I get anxious, and he is very soft.”

Next we have Sara Ontiveros ‘25 who said, “My favorite stuff animal is my turtle that my grandma gave me. This is because she gave it to me right before she left out of the country. When I missed her, I just held it and it gave me peace of mind that she was always with me spiritually.”

This is the turtle that is Sara’s favorite stuffed animal. (Photo Provided by Sara Ontiveros)

Continuing on we have Savannah Kondo ‘22 who revealed, “My favorite stuffed animal is a white dog that my parents bought me for my third birthday. Even though there were several other toys in the Build-A-Bear store that I went to, I was for some reason drawn to the last white dog that I found in a glass case. That was the only toy that I was drawn to, so my parents begged one of the workers to let them buy it. My parents also recorded an audio message that was placed inside of the toy which surprisingly works.”

Next we have Mandy Puga ‘24 who shared, “My favorite stuffed animal’s name is Pigeon. Yes, his name is Pigeon. He is my support animal and best friend. My friend got him for me at a Goodwill.”

This is Pigeon, Mandy’s favorite stuffed animal. (Photo Provided by Mandy Puga)

And last but certainly not least we have Isabella Dascanio ‘22  who said, “My favorite stuffed animal is named Kitty Gorl. I made her at Build-A-Bear for my 15th birthday. I wasn’t one to have a stuffed animal that I really connected to as a kid, and she was my first stuffed animal that I had a big memory of getting, so she’s very special to me in that way.”

Sometimes the love between a Royal and her stuffed animal is all she needs. Carry on Royals!