How Bevins met Stacey

Keira Sarni

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May 24, 2022
Stacey, Bevins, and Rylee all pose for a family picture.
Stacey and Mr. Bevins pose for a quick picture next to a scenic view. (Photo Provided by Rory Bevins)

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s time we talk about the most iconic love story to ever hit Rosary Academy: How Bevins met Stacey. How did this English teacher manage to get THE girl? Here’s the scoop on how these two icons came to be together.

Set the scene. It’s 2011. Mr. Bevins just returned from studying abroad and had started to work at Rosary Academy. His best friend/roommate, Graham, was actually the one taking Stacey on a date! Graham decided to bring flowers as a “pre-date symbol of his devotion,” according to Mr. Bevins.

Mr. Bevins talks about Graham saying “Graham was very different than I was. He moved very, very fast. My game was always the slow game. Take it slow, make friends, forge strong bonds, and then eventually you create something unbreakable.”

On a Saturday afternoon, Mr. Bevins and Graham drove to Stacey’s house where Stacey had some friends over. After arriving, Mr. Bevins said a brief hello and then “proceeded to awkwardly stand in the corner for 15 minutes” (honestly, we would expect nothing less than this from Mr. Bevins).

Rylee, the “little monster” as Bevins calls her, rides on a toy car while cheesing for a picture. (Photo Provided by Rory Bevins)

The next day, Graham and Stacey went on their date. He went on to say, “Graham proceeded to like soft quote date Stacey for like a couple of weeks.” I then asked Bevins, “so they were like a thing?” to which he replied, “I think if you were to ask Graham, he would say they were a thing, but if you were to ask Stacey, she would say they weren’t a thing.” Graham and Stacey continued to “date” for a few more weeks.

Eventually, Stacey’s friends became very close with Mr. Bevins’ friends and the two groups started to merge. All of a sudden, on Friday nights, the “crew” started hanging out all the time. For about a year, their social circles existed around each other even after Graham and Stacey called it quits.

In 2012, every Saturday, Stacey and Bevins went out for coffee, went on walks, and took their dogs out together. Mr. Bevins says that “at this point, I was convinced we were dating. However, she was completely unaware of this because she just thought we were good friends. For me, who doesn’t have friends, I thought it was something really serious. She argues that I never said, ‘Can I take you on a date?’, which is probably true because I was always too nervous to say the thing.”

Mr. Bevins talks about what it was like being friends with Stacey saying, “I was all about the slow play. I feel as though you have to make really good friends with the person first because I think the best relationships come from foundational friendships that develop into strong relationships. It becomes that weird area where you don’t want to lose a really good friend in the process of making a move, so you just refuse to make a move until they kind of do it for you and then everything works out for you hopefully.”

Fashion icon, Rylee, shows off her best model pose in her outfit. (Photo Provided by Rory Bevins)

Stacey and Bevins proceeded to go on various unofficial dates for about a year until 2014 when they officially start dating. Mr. Bevins reflects on how he asked Stacey to be his official girlfriend saying, “Every weekend, she and I would be at the beach or out with our dogs at Huntington Beach. It just became that really awkward moment when we looked at each other and said ‘what are we doing.’ And then we both went ‘oh.’ We both knew what we wanted and were fairly certain of what was happening, but it just hadn’t been explicitly said yet. Then, I guess you could say we officially started ‘dating dating’ in 2014.”

The two continued to hit it off when Bevins decided it was time to pop the question. While I was interviewing Mr. Bevins, Anna DiCrisi ’22 asked, “So were you guys just like ‘so do we get married now or what?’ cause that seems like what happened when you asked her to be your girlfriend.”

Mr. Bevins explains that “I took her to the dog beach where I asked her to be my girlfriend. So, we get about to the same spot where we were when I asked her to be my girlfriend, and I was too nervous to do anything other than just get on one knee and ask the question. At this point, I’ve just kind of blacked out even though I was fairly certain she was going to say yes.”

Mr. Bevins reflects on a mishap that happened while he was proposing saying, “Right as I am kneeling down to propose to her, my big dumb German Shepard comes up, so in all the pictures, my German Shepard is standing between Stacey and me. It was weird at the moment, but looking back, it is such a good memory. Anyways, she said ‘yes,’ and there was a massive party of 150 people that our friends planned after.”

This beach baby takes a swing near the ocean in her space onesie. (Photo Provided by Rory Bevins)

I then asked Mr. Bevins if Stacey knew what was going down when he asked her to marry him, and he says, “100 percent. You can’t look at someone and say ‘let’s go for a walk on the beach, but also don’t wear stupid clothes.’ So, I said ‘I am going to take you somewhere nice after so dress up.’ It’s a dead giveaway. She knew, but she also played along with it and had fun with it which was nice.”

Flash forward to 7/7/2018, when Stacey and Bevins tied the knot. Then, two years later, Stacey and Bevins welcomed the second most iconic person to ever come to the world, Rylee Jane-Marie Bevins (future Rosary Royal Class of ’38?). By now, this iconic baby has stolen the hearts of every single Rosary Royal, and I guess I can officially name her “THE Rosary Academy Baby.”

I guess you could say these two are really meant to be together. After playing the “slow game,” it is safe to say that Stacey and Bevins are the perfect couple, PERIOD (that was meant to be an English joke)!