The Sound of Music Crew


(Photo Provided by Sophia Kondo)

The production team for “The Sound of Music” smiles for a quick picture before rehearsal.

Alicia Dofelmier, Features Editor

Last month the cast list for “The Sound of Music” came out, and rehearsals are well underway. However, the show can not go on without a talented crew. This week, the crew list came out, and I had the chance to interview various crew members about how they feel.

I first talked to Sophia Kondo ‘22 the Stage Manager, and she shared that, “I’m so thrilled to be the stage manager for this show! I love working with our directors and cast, and am so excited to start working with our crew. Being stage manager allows me to watch a show begin from auditions and transform into a full production, and this show in particular is well on its way to becoming a beautiful production! Also, I adore my production team and enjoy working with them everyday!”

Next, I talked to Aly Gastinell ‘22 to get her thoughts on being on Sound A2 crew in addition to how she feels about this being her very last show. She said, “I would say I love doing A2 because I love sound, and I get to be with my friends in the pit which is one of my favorite things. I’m really sad that it is my last show, but I’m happy that it’s “The Sound of Music” because it’s one of my favorite musicals.”

The crew list that crew members received. (Photo Provided by Sophia Kondo)

Continuing on, Calista Fejeran ‘22 is Props Crew Head and shared that, “I’m so excited to be a crew head for props for my last show because last spring show I was on props, and I loved my crew head so much. We got along so well, and they taught me a lot. I hope to be able to do that with my crew member this show! Also, I love getting to be backstage and sing and dance to all of the songs in the wings in my free time.”

And finally, I talked to Isabela Delgado ‘24 who is a first time crew head to get her thoughts. She said, “I was never expecting to be a crew head, but I am really happy and excited to be in charge of other people. I think I’m most looking forward to seeing the little children perform.”

A behind the scenes picture from “It Starts with a Dream.” (Photo Provided by Sophia Kondo)

“The Sound of Music” is sure to be an amazing show. And remember, if you see a crew member, reach out and congratulate them.