Who counsels school counselors?


(Photo Provided by Mrs. Lee)

Mrs. Lee taking a break from her busy job to spend time with one of her sons.

Alicia Dofelmier, Features Editor

Here at Rosary, the counselors are an integral part of our school community. However, while Rosary’s counselors are here to help students with academic and/or personal concerns on a day-to-day basis, how do the counselors manage their busy schedules in addition to any stress they may face? I was lucky enough to be able to interview all four of our wonderful school counselors to get some insight.

Q: How do you keep your schedule organized? 

A: Mrs. Lee: “I usually keep my appointments in Microsoft Outlook calendar, but I leave space open since things can change every day.” 

A: Mrs. Crowley: I literally use Outlook Calendar, a good old-fashioned planner, and my phone.” 

A: Ms. Sanchez: “Prioritizing what needs to be done early in the week or day is helpful. I also think using a planner (digital or paper) is also a useful tool to stay organized.” 

A: Ms. Marquez: “I use a planner with daily details to keep track of meetings, deadlines, and student needs. I also have a binder that holds ‘all the things’ which helps me keep track of my personal counseling work and the students on my academic caseload.”  

An image of a planner, which is something that many of the counselors utilize. (Photo provided by Google via the Creative Commons license)

Q: How do you deal with stress? 

A: Mrs. Lee: “A lot of breathing. In addition, the Counseling group is very close and friendly. We confide in each other, and if we’re having a rough day, we’ll share with and console each other.”

A: Mrs. Crowley: “Talking through things with my trusted advisors (fellow Rosary counselors) – we are here to support our students and also each other. And making a plan of action (yes, this usually involves a list).” 

A: Ms. Sanchez: “I personally take a moment to pray and reflect on something positive when I’m feeling stressed. I also make the time to do something that brings me joy, like spending time with family and friends or going on a walk with my dog.” 

A: Ms. Marquez: “Laughter, staying connected to the Sacraments and my relationship with Christ, ‘feeling my feelings’ and my own therapy and consultation with colleagues in the counseling field; including the other counselors here at Rosary. We have a good time together which helps ease the general stress of the job.” 

Q: What advice would you give Rosary students? 

A: Mrs. Lee: “I highly recommend that students keep a planner that includes a little bit of time for themselves and outline things you have to do. In addition, make sure to include things that you look forward to and to take time for yourselves.” 

A: Mrs. Crowley: “Find healthy ways to cope – your counselors are here to help and keep your schedule manageable – planning is key – there are only so many hours in the day and self-care and sleep need to be included.” 

A: Ms. Sanchez: “I would tell students that they can achieve their goals with a growth mindset. It is also important for students to practice self-care and enjoy their high school experience. Counselors are here to help support them throughout their high school journey!” 

A: Ms. Marquez: “Be a teenager!! Y’all have the rest of your life to be an adult. Really cherish your time in high school, have fun, be kind to one another – be kind to yourself, and don’t grow up too fast. Fill your world with positive people and content, hold your faith close, and remember that you really can control the amount of drama and negativity in your life by your choice of thoughts, words, and actions.”

Well Royals, I hope this article helped you see that school counselors are just like us. They too have to deal with everyday stress and busy schedules. Remember, they are here as a resource for you, and we are extremely lucky to have them.