Love is in the air!


Photo Provided by Calista Fejeran '22

Calista Fejeran ’22 and Donovan Decano ’22 visited The Getty together.

Irene Fernandez, News Editor

Ah…love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and ready to make itself present through red and pink decorations and obnoxious hearts.

The sight of teddy bears, the taste of chocolate, and the scent of flowers are about to fill the air on Feb. 14. And the adorable couples are excited to celebrate. Sorry singles, maybe you can make yourself sadder on Valentine’s Day by reading about these cute couples.

Here is a favorite senior couple interviewed back during the time of homecoming proposals! Rachel Klohnen ‘22 is dating Noah Bran ’22. Rachel said, “We have been together for six months. I’m planning a surprise on Valentine’s Day. Noah knows it is a picnic, but he doesn’t know the location.”

Senior Rachel Klohnen asked boyfriend Noah Bran to Winter Formal with a cute ‘Spider-Man’ themed proposal. (Photo Provided by Rachel Klohnen ’22)

The next couple is Rosary senior Emily Van Veggel and Servite senior Esteban Rodriguez. He shared his favorite memory with Emily: “I liked our date when we drove around pretty much all night and figured out the date as we went because there was something really fun about it.”

Emily commented on the perks of being in a relationship: “I like always having someone to do fun things with and having them as your best friend. We can count on each other.”

Emily and Esteban are planning on going to dinner after Valentine’s Day once Emily returns from Florida. (Photo Provided by Emily Van Veggel ’22)

While the memories are sweet, this couple will be spending Valentine’s Day away from each other. Emily said, “I’ll be in Florida at Cheer Nationals, but we are going to dinner when I get back.”

Valeria Avila ‘24 and Alejandro Murillo ‘23 make a sweet couple! Valeria recounts how they first met: “He swiped up on a picture of me asking how tall I was (5’9). I didn’t think about it until the next day. I swiped up and asked him how tall he was (6’1), and we’ve been talking since.” The two have been together for four months and love “going to Disneyland together.”

Alejandro also shared their plans for Valentine’s are “a picnic at the beach.” Picnics are pretty popular this year. As for Valeria, Alejandro shared, “I love the way she lights a room up with her energy making everyone smile when she smiles.” That’s probably the most adorable comment ever.

Valeria Avila and Alejandro Murillo spend time at Knott’s Berry Farm. (Photo Provided by Valeria Avila ’24)
Brianna and Carlos D’Angelo dressed up in Angel and Stitch costumes. (Photo Provided by Brianna Guzman ’23)

As Valentine’s Day approaches, couples get more soft-hearted and all that ‘mushy gushy’ stuff. Another couple offered insight into their six-month relationship. Brianna Guzman ‘23 discussed what she loves about her boyfriend, Servite junior, Carlos D’Angelo Ruiz. She shared, “I love how he likes trying things that I like. He hates rollercoasters but still goes on them because I really like them. He also tried pickles which he has icky feelings about but wanted to know why I liked them so much…he ended up not liking them.”

Both were ominous in regards to Valentine’s Day saying, “Plans are a surprise.” Probably another picnic.

Mieke Van Dijk ‘25 and Ryan Prosser ‘25 have been together for two months! Mieke shared their plans for Valentine’s Day are “to go to Glen Helen and watch his next race.” Ryan also shared more on some of his favorite aspects of his relationship with Mieke. He shared, “My favorite memory was

taking her for a ride in my Trophy Truck out in Barstow.”

Ryan Prosser takes out Mieke Van Dijk on a racing date. (Photo Provided by Mieke Van Dijk ’25)

Both had especially kind words to say about each other. Mieke said, “I love his personality, determination, and overall how much he cares about me.” Ryan mentioned, “I love her smile, and she has the cutest personality in the world. I love everything about her.” Perfect words in the time of Valentine’s Day.

Senior Calista Fejeran shared more on her relationship with Donovan Decano ‘22. They have been together for six months. Calista shared more on their Valentine’s Day plans: “I don’t have any yet. Donovan was gonna surprise me.” She expanded more on what she loves about their relationship and her boyfriend. She said, “I love having someone to drive me everywhere. I like that he lets me listen to Lana Del Rey in his car. I love that he’s a film bro and geeks out at cinematography.”

Calista also talked about her favorite memory: “I loved when he surprised me with tickets to see Greer, and we went to the concert together. It has been my favorite concert I’ve ever been to.”

Julia Clarke ‘23 and Alex Pelcak ‘23 are one of the loveliest couples at Rosary and Servite. These lovebirds have been together for two whole years! Alex shared, “My favorite experience with Julia was when we first met because I felt a very strong connection with her, and I knew then that I liked her a lot and wanted to be with her.” Like love at first sight. 

For Valentine’s Day plans, Julia excitedly gave all the details of her perfect day. She shared, “We’re planning on hanging out after school to exchange gifts and baking or something cute like that, and we’re going out to dinner in the evening. I really love this restaurant at the Orange Circle called Citrus City Grille. It’s very romantic.” 

Julia also commented on what she loves most about being in a relationship, especially around Valentine’s Day. She said, “My favorite part is hearing other people complain about how hard it is to find one. It makes me feel better about myself.” We get it. You are in love. Fun fact: They were both on Homecoming Court. 

Julia and Alex are like the modern Romeo and Juliet. 

If you are single this Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to something special. Buy yourself flowers or make brownies or pet a dog or watch your favorite movie. Maybe this could be your time to go out on a whim and ask someone to be your Valentine. If not, think of how these couples have it better. Only half-kidding. 

Alex Pelcak ’23 and Julia Clarke ’23 are a true love story. (Photo Credit: Julia Clarke)