My family goes vegan for a week


My brother is introduced to vegan tacos. What a sight! (Photo Credit: Elizabeth Martinez ’22)

Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

While I have been vegan for around five years, my family has been strongly supportive. While none of them are vegan, we have had several conversations about my beliefs and they have decided to look more into it by attempting to go vegan for a week. 

My dad, mom, and brother were not just inspired by my efforts to teach them, but also by watching the Netflix documentary, “What the Health.” 

After they had the idea of going vegan, I thought it would be a great idea to seal the deal and take them by starting off the week with a treat. I took them to my favorite vegan restaurant in town called “Chicana Vegana.” 

Watching my dad and brother’s reactions to the food was priceless. They both tried the vegan burger and animal-less fries and they were amazed. Both agreed it was the best burger they’ve ever had and were shocked that it wasn’t real meat.

My brother Ben living it up at “Chicana Vegana” AKA “Veganland.”
(Photo Credit: Elizabeth Martinez)

Next, we took a walk through the streets of Balboa and drank a pressed pineapple, celery, and carrot juice. My mom had one thing to say: “Wow.” She continued to drink the pressed juice and had enough energy to walk for four miles!

My mom was astonished by the goodness of this juice. (Photo by Elizabeth Martinez)

On taco Tuesday, we got vegan tacos from Chicana Vegana! Made of jackfruit, they were amazing with the vegan salsa, guac, and vegan sour cream.

Taco Tuesday at the Martinez household.
(Photo Credit: Elizabeth Martinez)

The next day, my mom, brother, and I went shopping and bought the vegan necessities. We bought dairyless milk and cheese, meat replacers like vegan eggs, chicken nuggets, bacon, burger replacers, and of course, an assortment of vegan snacks. For the rest of the week, we made homecooked meals, and my family felt completely satisfied and expressed how they not only felt energetic but also motivated to work out and maintain clean eating. 

My dad, putting his at-home cooking skills to the test. (Photo Credit: Elizabeth Martinez)

Overall, watching my family attempting to go vegan for a week was entertaining. I find it astonishing that compared to the original real animal products they used to eat, they love vegan food more. To the people reading, the movie “What the Health” sparked their interest, so I suggest to anyone to at least watch the movie and decide for themselves: is going vegan the answer?