Dinosaurs are back

Irene Fernandez, News Editor

Mighty and once Rulers of the Earth, the dinosaurs made their debut about 230 million years ago.

Dinosaurs were huge creatures made up of around 700 species that roamed all over the world. Many exemplify admirable qualities of royalty, power, and gentleness. Who wouldn’t want to be one of these majestic creatures?

Don’t believe the lies that an asteroid took them out! The dinosaurs are here, and their prestigious reign is all over Rosary. The characteristics that make up the person or “vibes” of a dinosaur are on campus with our Rosary teachers.

Dr. Villaseñor is also vegan like the Achelousaurus. (Photo taken from Google Images via the Creative Commons License)

Dr. Villaseñor, Rosary’s French and AP Euro teacher, had interesting comments on what dinosaur she would be. She began by saying, “Maybe a Stegosaurus? They ate plants.” While first claiming to be a Stegosaurus, she later switched her answer to the horned Achelousaurus saying, “I like Achelousaurus. We are both land animals. If I were a dinosaur, I would be whichever one doesn’t eat animals or animal products.” Vegans were alive back then in the Mesozoic Era, and they still are! 

Mr. Gangler would be the Jobaria. (Photo taken from Google Images via the Creative Commons License)

Mia Kennedy ‘24 was excited to talk about what dinosaur our beloved math teacher Mr. Gangler would be. She said, “He is the Jobaria.” The Jobaria is definitely a cool dinosaur. Mia furthered her reasoning behind this choice when she shared, “I don’t know, but the Jobaria just gives me the vibes of a math lover. I will say that the Jobaria is much taller than him so it is a little tall, but they are alike.”

Sophomore Natalia Chavez said the kindest words about Mrs. Godfrey. She stated, “I feel like she is a Triceratops but a really kind Triceratops. She is super nice and gives off the same vibes. When you think herbivore, you think kind and gentle. Mrs. Godfrey is a powerful strong woman and is empowering.”

Ava Perez ‘24 also wanted to share what dinosaur Mr. Lyons would be. She said he is, “The dinosaur with the long neck. The Brachiosorous.” Ava continued, “They are quiet and gentle. I like them. Mr. Lyons is a gentle guy and pretty tall so this is who he is as a dinosaur.”

Mr. Lyons would be the Brachiosaurus, a gentle being. (Photo taken from Google Images via the Creative Commons License)
The Troodon was the smartest dinosaur. (Photo taken from Google Images via the Creative Commons License)

Of course, people want to know what dinosaur Mr. Bevins would be. Senior Liana Hanz gave her interesting opinion. She shared, “I don’t know that much about dinosaurs. But, I’m gonna have to say the Troodon. While most people would assume the T-Rex because it is technically the biggest brain dinosaur, the Troodon is far superior being the smartest animal in dinosaur times.”

Now, which Rosary teacher would be the Tyrannaasorous Rex? The correct answer is English teacher and ruler of Journalism Ms. Barclay. Junior Brianna Guzman completely agreed, putting Ms. Barclay on a pedestal. She shared, “I don’t think she would be a vegan dinosaur. She is definitely a T-Rex because of her spirit. Ms. Barclay can be sarcastic, and she is a funny person. I feel like T-Rexes are funny because they have short hands. I would say she is the queen of the school.”

These dinosaurs are all over campus, enriching the minds of Rosary students with their regal presence.

Ms. Barclay would be the T-Rex. (Photo taken from Google Images via the Creative Commons License)