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Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

Are you tired of sitting at home and watching TikTok or listening to music while doing homework? Well, to cure your boredom, Senior Deanna Flores recently came out with a brand new podcast, and here is the inside scoop with all the details!


On Monday, Jan. 10 Deanna released her first episode “Another Day with Dee!” She talks about topics focused on mental health, relationships, and advice. Listeners may hear her thoughts within her everyday life.


I had the pleasure of interviewing Deanna and here is what she had to say!


QUESTION 1: What inspired you to start “Another Day with Dee?”

A: Throughout the past couple of months, ranting to my mom in the car had become a daily occurrence. I would go off on tangents about school, boys, friends, and life in general as she sat there listening. She gave me the idea to start a podcast because she believed my opinions on these topics made sense and could potentially help others. Not to mention she was getting tired of my thirty-minute rants in the car. She inspired me to start ADWD.


QUESTION 2: Did you think you were capable of starting a podcast/ Were you always thinking about starting one?

A: I believe a good podcast consists of consistency, entertaining content, and being able to keep an audience engaged for the length of one episode. All of these ideas are things that I believe I am capable of achieving with this podcast. Starting “Another Day with Dee” was something that was not planned for a long period of time. I have always loved listening to podcasts and have always thought that starting one would be cool. Never in a million years would I have thought that “Another Day With Dee” would exist.


QUESTION 3: What is your goal for “Another day with Dee?”

A: My goal for this podcast is to help and inspire others. I want all of my listeners to take something from the show and possibly apply it to their lives in a positive way. While I only have one episode out now, in the future I plan on creating many more episodes.


QUESTION 4:Why do you feel that your advice is worthy and helpful to others?

A: I think that everyone takes away something from my podcast depending on the topic. I believe that every episode can help someone in some way. While I am no expert, my advice is truthful and oftentimes helpful.

All in all, if you are in need of advice and want to listen in, tune in to episode two of “Another day with Dee” Friday on Spotify!


Deanna Flores, senior and Royal Podcaster at Rosary Academy.
Photo by Deanna Flores ’22