Unpopular opinion: These first months stink.

Unpopular opinion: These first months stink.

Isabelle Brookshire, Copy Editor

Oh, man. Another article about the new year, amiright? It’s okay, though. I’m here to focus on these wonderful, wonderful first three months. 

First things first: how awkward is the weather? I know California is awfully indecisive usually, but during these first three months? Is it supposed to be hot, cold, rainy, or sunny? It’s all of the above if you live in this mysteriously ambiguous place. In fact, I never know how to dress. Pants? Leggings? Shorts?

Secondly, if you’re a senior, what the HECK IS GOING ON? Thankfully, most of our applications should be submitted, but… We’re waiting. Waiting for a long waiting game. Time is ticking. While we wait. It’s a pretty strange feeling. 

It’s also flu season, like we need that too? After the holidays, a lot of people have been getting sick. Not a very good time period for health, unfortunately. It’s like that one friend that’s always sick but instead, it’s the three months at the beginning of the year. 

You also can’t call the first three seasons of the year anything else other than the first three seasons of the year. Sure, you could call it Spring, but that’s factually false. It’s Winter, then Spring. We’ve been pranked this entire time. Something to do with Julius, right? Someone needs to get revenge on him. 

The holidays are usually pretty good around this time, except for the fact Easter/Spring break is late April??? What do you mean we only have three weeks to do AP exams, finals, and graduate? I think time is being absurd. (And I know April isn’t technically one of the first three months, but it’s close enough to count, right?)

I’m all jokes though. Joshing with you. Giving you humorous lies. 

I actually really like January, for example. Like I said in my previous article, I’m a sucker for being optimistic and January is the month of new beginnings. 

February is interesting enough. It’s a little confusing with it constantly changing its days, but you know. Time and stuff. Speaking of February, I love the weather. Again, I’m a complete and total liar, and although I can never pin the exact weather, I love the chill, rain, and sun that comes with Spring. 

March actually kind of sucks. I’m sorry. I have a completely solid argument. March, home to the wonderful Red & Gold and college decisions, is also home to the infamous start of quarantine. I don’t think I need to speak any more on this topic. I’m sure you share this sentiment. Mhm. Thank you for agreeing. 

All in all, the first three months of the year are interesting. Despite my complete and total LIES, I’m happy to be starting another year. January is still in its infancy, so I can’t speak to how well it’s going to be. Butttttttt I like it a lot so far. (Reference my previous article, “21 + 22 = New Year for Me and You” to see my true feelings) 

Ending on an optimistic note, I hope we all have a wonderful January, February, and March!!!