Taste of Mexico


A common plate of Sinaloa with the shrimp alfredo and seafood rolled tacos. (Photo Credit: Kimberly Gallo)

Kimberly Gallo, Staff Writier

Last year I had the opportunity to travel to Cancun, Sinaloa, and Guadalajara and the different types of food.

In all these different parts of Mexico  I noticed the food variety and the impact of the surrounding and how it influences the food they make.

Sinaloa is known mostly for its seafood and combinations involving seafood with most of their dishes. One of their most famous plates is the creamy alfredo pasta with lemon and garlic covered shrimp, as well as their crunchy marlin and shrimp tacos layered with guacamole and chia seeds.

In Guadalajara there’s more of a cultural variety of all types of food not–simply Mexican food–since it is a bigger city the food range varies from Japanese to Argentine to Italian food.

 A highly recommended place to try in Guadalajara would be La Vaca Argentina in Andares plaza since the food and the service is incredibly good and their meals are served very well with their grilled meat, healthy salad and many options as sides.

You should also consider trying La Quinta Real for an all you can eat buffet for breakfast because they have all types of traditional Mexican meals, fruits, salads, and best of all, the unlimited pan dulce.

When I went to Cancun, I drove to the island of Tulum, which is close to the Yucatan’s peninsula and super populated with tourism.

Delicious vegan restaurant in Isla Holbox in Cancun.
(Photo credit: Kimberly Gallo)
The tasty pan dulce at la Quinta real buffet in Guadalajara.
(Photo credit: Kimberly Gallo)
Famous restaurant in Cancun located in Tulum.
(Photo credit: Kimberly Gallo)


Once my family and I arrived there, we stopped to try a new restaurant called Estancia Jujena, which was a little organic restaurant with a lot of recipes that are uncommon in California.

Overall, the journey and opportunity of trying varieties of food allows people to taste a piece of the different types of cultures