Winter Formal proposals: do’s and don’ts


Evelyn LeVecke ’22 getting asked to homecoming by Brock Beuerlein ’22. (Photo provided by Evelyn LeVecke)

Daly Holman

When do I ask them? How do I ask them? Where do I ask them? These may be some of the hard questions you’re thinking of as you prepare to ask or be asked to Winter Formal. First of all, take a deep breath… it will all work out.

Being a senior at Rosary Academy, I have learned a lot about dance proposals. I have been asked to dances, and I have been the one to give the proposal. So basically, I am a professional. Just kidding, I am not a professional, but I do like to believe that I am qualified to give some tips on this subject.

Here is my official list of important things to remember when asking someone to a dance… 

  1. Figure out what your potential date enjoys. 

Doing this will help you find the perfect way to ask them to the dance. Do they enjoy sports? Do they have a favorite movie? Do you have an inside joke with the person that will make them laugh? Find a theme or something you know they will enjoy and go from there. You can ask the lucky person with a poster, sign, or something else creative that will make them smile.

  1. Decide where you are going to ask them.

It is vital to make sure the person you are asking is comfortable. Do they like attention? If so, make sure to ask them in a public setting to satisfy them. Do they have crippling social anxiety? If the answer is yes, you probably shouldn’t ask them in front of a crowd. Instead, maybe consider going to their house or even just calling them.

  1. Do it sooner than later.

Here’s a little secretgirls despise waiting for things. Waiting to get asked to dances causes intense stress and over-thinking. Does he even like me anymore? Did I mess something up? Why hasn’t he asked me yet? Yes, these questions do cross our minds. I can personally relate to this feeling. During this past homecoming season, I did indeed ask myself these questions, and I have a boyfriend of three years. Ridiculous, right? I know. The moral of the story isask people to dances ASAP.

  1. Is it even worth asking this person? 

In my opinion, it is crucial to make sure you actually like this person and want to spend time with them. Do you like THEM, or do you like the IDEA of them? This entire proposal thing is a lot of work, and you are committing to spend at least four hours with this person at the dance, and no, you can’t ditch them. Think about this one before completing steps one through three.

Happy winter formal season, and good luck to everyone!

Shane Faley ’22 poses with his creative Starbucks-themed proposal. (Photo Provided by Brooke Kizziar)
Senior Chip Deegan stands with his Lightning McQueen-themed poster. (Photo provided by Daly Holman)