Women’s History class review


(Photo Credit Mrs. Jenkins)

This is a photo of the 2021 Women’s History class representing different times during history and women’s roles.

Julissa Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Last semester, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and take Women’s History. In Women’s History, you not only learn about the women that have helped shape our country or the societal expectations towards women, but also, along the way, you learn more and more about yourself as a women in today’s world.

Mrs. Jenkins, who is the teacher for the course, stated, “The Women’s History class moves through the chronology of American history, and at times World history, to examine the broad themes that have shaped the lives of women in the world from the Pre-Colonial Era to the Present.”

She continued, “Students investigate the major events of modern human history from the perspective of women and discuss the changing notions of ‘proper’ roles for women and the struggles for women to gain political and civil rights over time.”

Natalie Kim ’22, who took the course last semester, shared, “I really enjoyed taking Women’s History with Mrs. Jenkins because the class gave me the opportunity to learn more about historical events and present-day issues relating to women, female figures, and women’s rights movements that I wasn’t able to analyze in a regular history course. The class is exciting, introspective, and engaging.”

Senior Holly Barragan said, “My experience from taking Women’s History is that I felt more liberated and celebrated as a women. Women are so important in the world, and by taking this class, I learned so many things. From learning the difference between a misogyny and sexism, to women’s suffrage, even our issue today regarding the pink tax.”

Holly also mentioned, “I highly recommend this class to anyone. As women, we are so under appreciated and deserve to be recognized. Thank you so much Mrs. Jenkins for inspiring us young women into being the best versions of ourselves.”

I would highly recommend Women’s History to anyone, even if you think it is not for you or your comfort zone. Women’s History, especially at an all girls school, is a course that every girl should take to learn how we can change world history and make an impact.

This photo was taken during our mini fair to the student body, where we introduced different points during history from a woman’s perspective. (Photo Provided by Rosary Academy)
In this photo, a few girls from the course last semester represented Rosie the Riveter and what she did to help women during WWII. (Photo Provided by Rosary Academy)