Justice for Nana


The battle of the century that will take place between Nana and Lin-Manuel Miranda. (Boxing photo and Hamilton photo via google under Creative Commons license)

Giovana "Jojo" Watson, Staff Writer

For the Watson family, this Christmas Eve was extremely unique. Two years ago, my Nana bought mine and my aunt’s family tickets to see “Hamilton” for Christmas. Due to Covid-19, we had been unable to see it until this year. Needless to say, Nana, along with the rest of our family, was excited to see the show.

I take a lot of inspiration from Nana, and we are very close. She is one of my biggest supporters, as well as a huge fan of theatre, even before I began performing.

Sophomore Julia Watson and little sister Michaela show their irritation and anger at the performance being canceled. (Photo Credit: Giovana and Julia Watson)

Despite it being Christmas Eve, the house in the theatre was surprisingly full and everyone seemed to be in good spirits. As a performer, I know shows rarely start on time despite multiple efforts to do so, but we started to become very concerned when the show was 45 minutes behind schedule. Sadly, a member of the cast contracted the virus, resulting in the cancellation of the performance. Everyone in the theatre was disappointed, but no one more so than Nana. You could see the silent anger and sadness on her face. Even the guy on the aisle sobbing like a newborn couldn’t match her frustration. My dad Jim Watson said, “Maybe next year we can get to intermission!” Despite our best efforts, we could see Nana’s mood would not lighten.

Three years of waiting, and no reward. What had my grandmother done to deserve this? Absolutely nothing. She’s perfect. I was ready to perform the entire musical myself, but as I am vertically challenged, I could not jump over the orchestra pit to do so.

Even though we were able to recover the evening with a beautiful Mass and a killer cheesecake, I still cannot allow my grandma to be disappointed, so at this point and time, I am now accepting auditions and applications for anyone interested in doing tech or performing in a very illegal rendition of “Hamilton” in my backyard. Also, at intermission Nana will be fighting Lin-Manuel Miranda, so be there or be square.