Welcome to La Isla de Holbox


Kimberly Gallo is posing by the famous island sign in front of the beach of Holbox. (Photo Provided by Kimberly Gallo)

Kimberly Gallo, Staff Writier

The island of Holbox is located in Cancun in Quintana Roo on the Peninsula of Yucatan. This summer, I visited the island of Holbox with my family for the first time after it blew up on Tiktok.


Holbox is known for its bioluminescent water, whale sharks, clear waters, tropical beaches, and most famous lobster pizza. We stayed for three nights on this beautiful island exploring the culture and environment.


The first day we went to visit Divino Restaurante Pizzeria to try the one in a lifetime lobster pizza; the restaurant was very busy with many tourists from across the world. While the wait was long, every bite was worth it.

Afterwards, my family and I bought a night tour to go to the three beaches called Punta Cocos, Punta Mosquito, and Punta Ciricote to swim in bioluminescent waters. As we got off the golf cart and began walking into the ocean, the water glowed up with its bright avatar-looking algae.


The next day we went paddle boarding and walked around the small island tasting new foods and walking in their plaza which is what they call their small town center. Their plaza is filled with murals and people on bikes all day. At night it is a party with live music provided by the town people and, food at every corner.


It was an unforgettable experience getting to travel to Holbox. I highly recommend it.