Royal Christmas traditions


Lauren Cottrell, Staff Writer

The Christmas spirit is abundant at Rosary Academy. I cannot wander the halls without hearing the melodic hum of a Christmas carol or smelling the sweet scent of a baked good. I asked some of these spirited Royals how they celebrate this important holiday.

Keira Sarni ’22 described her holiday traditions, stating, “My mom and I always bake pitzelles together. It’s an Italian cookie that kind of looks like a snowflake. They’re really good with coffee. The day after Christmas, we stay in our pajamas and binge watch ‘Harry Potter’ all day. And of course we attend Christmas Eve mass every year.”

I think I might need Keira to make me some of these esteemed pitzelles some time.

Anna Dicrisi with her friends looking at Christmas lights in Naples.
(Photo Credit: Lauren Cottrell)

Next, Rosary senior Anna Dicrisi was eager to share some of her many Christmas family traditions. “There’s a lot of December birthdays in my family, so on the days before Christmas, we will all go out on a duffy to look at lights and to celebrate everyone in that month. It’s always super fun, and I look forward to it every Christmas season! On Christmas Eve, we always watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ eat a massive Italian meal, and attend 10 p.m. mass!”

To continue, AP Government teacher Mrs. Ward explained, “I don’t have any unique holiday traditions. However, we do watch ‘A Christmas Story’ every Christmas Eve.”

While I’m more of a “Polar Express” fan, I’d say “A Christmas Story” is a very close second.

Lastly, Melissa Hanson ’22 shared her favorite Christmas tradition, “Every year my mom, sisters, grandma, and I all make empanadas the day before Christmas Eve or Christmas Eve Eve. Then, Christmas Eve we eat them! It’s a lot of work, but it pays off in the end because they are delicious!”

Sounds like these Royals have some pretty special Christmas traditions. Have a Royal Christmas everybody!


Technical difficulties on the featured image- Keira Sarni poses with her family in front of their Christmas tree. (Photo Credit: Mrs. Sarni)