A sisters christmas


Photo Credit: Elizabeth Martinez

Peltzer Tree Farm is the place to go for your Christmas tree!

Peltzer Pines Christmas Tree Farm is a family-owned business located in Brea, California. My sister, Kathleen Martinez ‘23, and I (Elizabeth Martinez ’22) have been lucky enough to get to work here for the previous few years.

After working through many storms, rain or shine, my sister and I made our way up working indoors at the office, filing paperwork, and writing up receipts. I have made so many bonds with many people who love Christmas as much as I do. Christmas is our favorite holiday and just simply going to the farm is so peaceful.

This year, despite my sister and I always working together at the farm, we got separated and work in different sections. My sister stayed at the same section as a greeter and said, “I love working with my sister but it was a good break to work by myself in my own section because it gives me a sense of freedom. On top of that, my most favorite part about my 8-hour job is distracting myself aside from time with meeting so many cheerful customers and playful dogs. ”

For myself, things definitely got more interesting. I moved up the hill to the tree choppers’ table. I have chopped three trees so far. But, don’t worry, my main job is directing customers to where the location of their tree is. The tree choppers are so funny and make time go by quickly.

Josh is the top tree chopper and is sending the tree on its way home. (Photo Credit: Kathleen Martinez ’23)
Zander is another tree chopper… Obviously not ready for his closeup. (Photo Credit: Elizabeth Martinez ’22)

Between my sister and me, our favorite thing is crazy pets. From TikTok famous chihuahuas to lizards in Santa suits, there is always a surprise.  Surprisingly, in the opening week, most of our trees sold out. Because of the crazy year, it has still been busy, and it is good to know that people are still celebrating this Christmas. Get ready because Santa’s coming to town!

Lizard dresses up for the festivities.
(Photo Credit: Kathleen Martinez)