The Friars’ Christmas extravaganza


The Servite chorus joins together in singing their final song. Photo Credit: Brooke Kizziar

On Tuesday, Dec. 7, the Servite Friars choir sang their hearts out in their annual Christmas concert.

Families, friends, and fellow students were lined up outside the auditorium eagerly rushing to steal the best seats. Once the lights dimmed signaling the performance was about to begin, the curtains came to a raise. My Servite friends cheered so loudly seeing their fellow classmates on stage. On risers sat periods two and seven men’s chorus on the ends, and the men’s select chorus in the center.

Their set list was full of a variety of classic Christmas carols opening with “Carol of the Bells.” A roaring applause followed after every group and solo performance.

Seniors Chris Grothues, Shane Faley, and Jack Morikawa prepare on stage to sing “Mistletoe.”
Photo Credit: Brooke Kizziar

During the number “Mistletoe,” performed by Servite baseball and friends, a few of the guys went off stage towards the end of the song and came back out with a rose. They ran down into the audience to give the rose to their girlfriends. It was very sweet.

This is the Servite chorus singing their opener “Carol of the Bells.”
Photo Credit: Brooke Kizziar

During their closing song, fake snow came falling down from the ceiling really lifting the Christmas magic and joy that was in the auditorium.

Servite senior Shane Faley says, “A wonderful and captivating performance loved by millions. It truly portrays the Christmas spirit through song and dance. Not a show, but an experience showing what Christmas is all about.”

If you missed the show, you truly missed out on an unforgettable Christmas event. Would I have payed money for this performance? Absolutely.