Favorite Club Memories


(Photo Credit: Kristine Quintanar)

Grace Finley concentrates while coloring a turkey in an A&E club meeting.

Alicia Dofelmier, Features Editor

Here at Rosary, there are numerous clubs. From service clubs like the Crittenton club to special interest clubs like the Star Wars club. Each club tries to hold monthly meetings. And since the semester is drawing to a close, here are a few club members’ all-time favorite club memories. 

To start off, Kristine Quintanar ‘22 is a member of the Anything and Everything club or A&E. She said that her favorite memory is, “all the random things that we do and how we have so much fun.”

Furthermore, AAPI or Asian American Pacific Islander club president Chelsea Bartilad ‘22 shared, “so far, my favorite memory of the AAPI Appreciation Club would have to be when Kat(my Vice President) and I did a presentation on Filipino American heritage month. Since we’re both Filipino, it was really special for us, especially since we got to share the new things we learned about our heritage with our members. The response we got was great, which made that even more memorable.”

The E-Sports club is all smiles while taking their club photo. (Photo Credit: Alicia Dofelmier)

Next Karissa Garcia ‘23 who is a member of the Angel Bears club said that her favorite memory was, “teaching my club how to sew. It was challenging but they were all attentive.”

Continuing on, Irene Fernandez ‘22 said that her favorite memory from the Harry Potter club was, “Meeting all the members. I really enjoyed talking to them about their favorite movies, lines, and books. I was also able to find out more about them like their Hogwarts house and their favorite characters.”

And finally, Isabelle Brookshire ‘22 shared, “Royal Poets Society has always been such an amazing place to be. Ever since I created it with my friend Mary Nassa, we and many others have made so many good memories there. I just love being able to go on rants, to talk genuinely about life and poetry and have a sincere place for some of the things I care the most about. All in all, I love our club. Shoutout to Mr. Bevins and all of the members!”

If you would like to join any of these clubs or even start your own, be on the lookout for the January club rush. And comment down below what your favorite club memory is.