The Kizziar Christmas house


Photo Credit: Brooke Kizziar

My fire place set under the glamorous white horse. Photo Credit: Brooke Kizziar

Brooke Kizziar, Sports Editor

With Thanksgiving out of the way, Christmas is now the spotlight of everyone’s holiday activities. Christmas trees are decorated, lights are illuminating neighborhood streets, and the smell of warm hot chocolate is filling the air. Speaking of decorations, my house definitely takes the number one spot for the best. It may sound biased, but let me show you.

My mom works tirelessly for two weeks straight decorating our house inside and out. From our four Christmas trees to the countless light up inflatables, not one square foot of land is left empty. Neighbors and even people from the town over who have heard about the wonders of the Kizziar Christmas house stop and stare from their cars taking in the Christmas magic. My mom and I always catch little kids taking pictures next to the light up reindeer.

Senior Daly Holman praises my mom’s skills, “Lizette just dresses her house to a ten. There is no one more Christmas. Everything she puts up is shimmy gorgeous. The four trees in her house are shimmy gorgeous as well.”

We have four different Christmas trees with different themes. There is a terrifying elf tree, an animal tree, the family tree with family ornaments, and a classic red and gold tree. My poor dad’s credit card bill is always overflooded with new Christmas decorations every year.

The fifteen foot tall animal tree glows at night.
(Photo Credit: Brooke Kizziar)

My mom is very passionate about decorating the house during holiday seasons, but Christmas time is where her skills come to light!

The nature set up near our Christmas tree welcomes visitors.  
(Photo Credit: Brooke Kizziar)