A “Royal” Christmas


Emma Oskorus’ Winter Wonderland. (Photo Provided by Emma Oskorus)

Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

As the Christmas season approaches, so does the Christmas decor. Royals these days specifically love Christmas and have definitely decked the halls. Here are some Christmas rooms that top the charts here at Rosary.


First, we have junior Emma Oskorus with the theme “Winter Wonderland.” She described the details saying : “My room has a white Christmas tree with colorful ornaments and white lights, with white and red-colored pillows, Christmas blankets of course, and Christmas signs. I love decorating for the Holidays as it is so much fun to decorate for the season, and seeing my room all decked out as a Winter Wonderland truly makes me happy.”


Next, we have senior Evelyn LeVecke with the theme of “Cali Christmas!” She remarked, “As you approach my room, I decided that beside all the decorations and details, there should be one statement piece. I have one surfboard, and I thought it would be pretty genius to deck it out with lights. Though this is all I did, I still had so much fun decorating, and it really gives a feeling of Cali Christmas.”

Evelyn LeVecke’s Cali Christmas.
(Photo Provided by Evelyn LeVecke)


Lastly, we have junior Kathleen Martinez with the theme of “DIY Christmas.” She described her room saying: “I love Christmas and everything about it. I feel that making my own Christmas decorations add so much meaning to the room. As you walked through the room, there is an ambiance of warm lights that fade to rainbow Christmas lights hanging by the curtains. Aside from my mini Christmas tree, my favorite part of my room is my throw blanket. I DIY-ed this blanket with my grandpa and feel that it adds so much meaning to my room.”

Kathleen Martinez’s DIY Christmas.
(Photo Provided by Kathleen Martinez)

These Royals are in the spirit of Christmas and love decorating their rooms to their own personal style! If you have any decorating tips to share, let us know in the comments below. Merry Christmas!