“The Sound of Music” Audition Workshop


Trinitas members smiling at the workshop! (Photo Provided by Katie Thomas)

Trinity Delacruz, Copy Editor

Last Wednesday from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., Trinitas held an audition workshop at the Servite Theatre open to all those interested in performing in the upcoming spring show, “The Sound of Music.”

The workshop gave students a better grip on the auditioning process and allowed prospects to get their feet wet in what the show has to offer.

First, participants learned to sing a portion of “Morning Hymn.” Then, Trinitas artistic director Mr. Marrone taught students a short dance number inspired by the Laendler from “The Sound of Music.”

Additionally, it was sophomore Matilda Geronimo’s first time ever at an audition workshop. She said, “I wasn’t really planning on joining theatre since I never had any experience in it, but some of my friends told me I should try it so I decided to try it. After experiencing the workshop, I found it really fun. I am planning on auditioning and being a part of the show, even if it’s a small part. I think my nerves will be bad, but I can handle it.”

Mr. Marrone teaching a dance number from “The Sound of Music.” (Photo Credit: Trinity Delacruz)

On the other hand, it was senior Katie Thomas’s last time ever at an audition workshop. She remarked, “It was so bittersweet to be at my last workshop for the shows! Starting my last process is simultaneously so rewarding and super heartbreaking. Hearing the music and learning materials for the auditions made me way more excited about the show though! This one’s gonna be a great way to finish out my Trinitas journey: I can’t wait to see how fantastic this production turns out and soak up every last second of it.”

Mandy Puga ’24 spoke the advantage of attending a workshop: “Even though I am not a good dancer, learning the dance in advance helps so much in preparation for the audition. I cannot wait to see ‘The Sound of Music’ come to life.”

Stage manager Sophia Kondo ’22 mentioned, “I’m super excited to officially start the rehearsal process! It’s going to be a great show artistically and technically and there is a beautiful set planned!”

Be ready to audition on Jan. 18th at the Servite Theatre! If you don’t plan on joining the show, don’t miss watching “The Sound of Music” in May!