Welcome to the Upside Down!


Photo Credit: Stranger Things Worker

Tyler and I posing in front of a scary Demogorgon!

Skylar Cooper, Staff Writer

Over Thanksgiving Break, I had the opportunity to visit the Stranger Things store in Glendale. This store is full of the Netflix show’s merchandise, from shirts to hats to figurines.

When you walk in, you are greeted with the show’s eerie music. As you continue through, you see the famous alphabet and lights from Season 1 hanging on a wall for group pictures. The lights flash above the letters R, U, N, as seen in the show. Throughout this room of the store, Demogorgon toys and soundtrack albums greet customers.

The next room consists of Starcourt Mall displaying Scoops Ahoy items and the famous bikes used by the main characters. Take a right turn, and you’re in the famous arcade. Have a blast from the past playing Dig Dug, Galaga, Centipede and Mrs. Pacman for free!

Journeying on, in the center of the next room is this massive Russian spy machine with many buttons and flashing lights. My boyfriend and I decided we would try and figure out the code and we did. After messing around by pulling, twisting keys, and pushing buttons, the whole store went DARK, and alarms started blaring. We were proud of ourselves and ventured into the room with the Demogorgon. It was so life-like and real!

Working on solving the Russian spy machine! (Photo Credit: Skylar Cooper)

Moving on, this room was all about Hawkins High School merchandise and the Winter Ball. My boyfriend bought some Hawkins patches while I got a Starcourt mall hat and “Friends don’t lie” T-shirt.

Overall, this experience was amazing, and I totally recommend it to any fans of Stranger Things! Tickets are free and it is open for a limited time during the holidays. It is located in Glendale and totally worth the drive!

Outside of the store located in Glendale. (Photo Credit: Skylar Cooper)

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