All I want for Christmas…


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There is nothing greater than seeing Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree on Christmas day.

Irene Fernandez and Kim Pham

It’s the best time of the year: Christmas season! December means cloudy weather, hot cocoa, movies, and of course, gifts.

But, some of you may be struggling with what to add to your wish list. What could you ask for? There are just so many things you might not even realize. Hopefully, these Royals’ wish lists give you some inspiration.

Choosing gifts that are related to your hobbies is also one of the options. (Photo Credit: Google via the Creative Commons License)

Senior Kimberly Gallo shared some of the items she wants for the holidays: “I really want the Apple watch series 7 for fitness reasons. Also, I want gym clothes too. For gifts, you could always ask for things for your hobbies and because I am really into working out, I want an apple watch.” Technology and clothes are always great items to add to your Christmas wish list.

Other Royals are also hoping to receive the items on their lists. Liana Hanz ‘22 gave insight into what she is wishing for this year: “Ooooo…I definitely want crystals this year, especially rose quartz and green aventurine!! I also would like a selenite angel.”

Aside from wishing for crystals, Liana also said: “I would love candles to put around my room from all different scents because there are just so many to choose from.” As December continues, the weather gets colder, which is why Liana really wants “crewnecks. They are so comfortable and perfect for the season.”

Brianna Guzman ‘23 has a wish list of gifts anyone is sure to love. She shared, “I want blankets this year to stay warm and watch Christmas movies. I would love getting new sweatpants.” Aside from comfortable items, Brianna’s wish list also included skincare. She said, “I’m asking for skincare sets or masks from Glossier and Sephora.”

Skincare is always one of the best options for Christmas gifts. (Photo Credit: Google via the Creative Commons License)

Senior Trinity Delacruz has a well-thought-out Christmas wish list. She said, “I want Spotify premium because I am ALWAYS listening to music. Also, one of my favorite bands is The 1975, so I really want their CDs. I’m hoping for an electric guitar, bass guitar, or an acoustic guitar. Really just any guitar.”

Trinity also shared her fashion wishes, saying, “I want to buy new flannels and jeans, so I’m asking for an Urban Outfitters gift card. The gift I most want is probably the Chuck 70s. I have been looking EVERYWHERE but they are always sold out, so I would be happy if I could finally find them.”

New clothes are a must for a Christmas list. (Photo Credit:

Kelsey Hernandez ‘22 revealed the best items to add to your Christmas list. She said, “I love both gift-giving and receiving. Some of the best gifts to ask for or give others are perfume, skincare, and makeup. Black eyeliner or

Christmas is a perfect time for a new set of makeup. (Photo Credit: Google via the Creative Commons License)

mascara is always good. Bath & Body Works is also a popular store for perfumes and pretty scents.” Kelsey also commented on what her favorite gift would be: “I want platform Doc Marten boots. They are so cute and would go well with any of my outfits.”

While Christmas is full of gifts, some Royals had a different perspective. Sophomore Cicleri Lopez had more to add to the wish list: “I think we should take Christmas as more of a time for genuine thought and be kind to each other. All I want in the world is for peace and kindness and for people to treat each other with kindness because not a lot of people do that. That’s what I’m asking for.” How inspiring. However, Cicleri does have some wishes of her own. She also stated, “But actually, I do want money, concert tickets, and hopefully a chance to meet Timothee Chalamet because he is very attractive.”

There are lots of amazing gifts to ask for Christmas ranging from clothes, electronic devices, and candles. You can always refer to this guide to come up with a quick and easy wishlist because your life may be full of other stressors (finals!). You could always ask for the pink Glossier hoodie Timothee Chalamet wore.

Hopefully, these wish lists give you some ideas of what to ask for Christmas this year!

You could always ask for Timothee Chalamet items like his movies, posters, or hoodies he wears. (Photo Credit: Google via the Creative Commons License )