Ranking “Red: Taylor’s Version”


Photo Provided by Irene Fernandez '22

This is a screenshot of us listening to “Red: (Taylor’s Version)” on Spotify. It really is an amazing album.

Irene Fernandez and Kim Pham

On Nov. 12, 2021, Taylor Swift dropped “Red (Taylor’s Version)” and it shook the world. Her album basically blew up all over again and for good reason. This time, Taylor added nine “out of the vault” songs, making her rerelease of the album total up to 30 songs. One of these songs was the legendary 10-minute version of “All Too Well.”

The iconic Taylor Swift’s Red (Taylor’s version) album cover. (Photo Provided by Taylor Swift Official Instagram)

Because Irene Fernandez ’22 was a die-hard Swiftie at a young age (yes, I had an ‘89 sweatshirt), she is able to easily notice the changes in her singing and pronunciation as she marvels all over again about this album. Yes, she did just sit in her room listening to her favorite album, gasping at all of the new lyrics of “All Too Well.” This specific song has been talked about all over because of its iconic short film. Swifties have been begging for it to be released, and it is JUST AMAZING.

Kim Pham ’22 considers herself a new Swiftie and absolutely enjoyed listening to the album with Irene who seemed to almost cry at every sad song.

Many Swifties are ecstatic about the album. Senior Keira Sarni said: “So many of the songs on that album were such staples in my childhood, so having them rereleased is definitely sending me into an existential crisis but in a good way.”

Besides the senior Swifties, juniors also love the album and have not been okay after “Red: Taylor’s Version.” Junior Morgan Brkich shared, “Taylor Swift is the peak of our generation. I have personally been obsessed with her since kindergarten. The fact that she was able to outsmart the music industry makes her unstoppable. She is the definition of a girl boss and role model for girls of all ages. Just seeing the words (Taylor’s Version) brings joy to my face. Also the 10 minute version of All Too Well and the short film bring me to literal tears.” Obviously, Taylor Swift fans are experiencing a rush of emotions.

Being the Taylor Swift fans that we are, we, of course, had to rank the songs on “Red (Taylor’s Version).”

29. “Girl At Home”

In last place of the rankings is “Girl at Home.” See, this is not a bad song. The song just needs more of that spark. We guess some of the lyrics are catchy. However, “Girl at Home” is overshadowed by all of the better songs on “Red.”

28: “Message In A Bottle”

“Message in a Bottle” is one of the songs from the vault, so it was not on Taylor’s original album. While this song has a pretty nice beat, it just was not one of our favorites. It has more of that pop feel and is more upbeat, which definitely appeals to some people. Okay song.

27: “Babe”

This song was also one of the “out of vault” songs. It has a pretty chill vibe and we could see it played in a movie scene. The lyrics are pretty good and fits in with the vibe of Taylor Swift as an artist. Sorry “Babe,” you just cannot make it to the top 20s.

26: “State Of Grace”

“State of Grace” is honestly a pretty good song. It just kinda blends into the background of songs. We would and have listened to it more than once but would opt to listen to other songs on “Red.” Overall, a good song.

25: “Holy Ground”

“Holy Ground” is a bit similar to “State of Grace” but has more of that Taylor Swift spark that just puts it one place higher. The song has an upbeat feel to it and has memorable lyrics. Compared to other songs on “Red,” it just isn’t that special of a song.

24: “State Of Grace (acoustic version)”

The acoustic version of “State of Grace” is really just amazing. You can definitely hear Taylor’s voice shine through and the song has such a calming vibe. Definitely the perfect song to listen to in a coffee shop while in a somber mood.

23: “Stay Stay Stay”

“Stay Stay Stay” is such a CUTE song and probably one of the catchiest songs on “Red.” It kind of has a preppy vibe to it and reminds us of couple dancing routines and YouTube DIY videos for some reason.

22: “22”

I know this song is pretty great, but “Red” definitely has songs that outrank this pop tune. Sorry everyone, this song is overplayed. It is catchy though, has an amazing music video, and is the type of song to be stuck in your head at random times.

21: “The Very First Night”

“The Very First Night” is another of Taylor’s from the vault songs. Honestly, the song is catchy and has that Taylor Swift charm, but just cannot make it past someone’s top 20. There are much better songs on “Red.”

20: “Red”

Irene: When I was younger, for some reason, I was so obsessed with this song. I still think it is great but my preferences have definitely changed. Love the song “Red” and think it is safe to say it makes it to the top 20s.

19: “I Knew You Were Trouble”

Irene: Unpopular opinion. “I Knew You Were Trouble” is one of the most loved songs but, there are just so many more spectacular songs on “Red” that top this song. Nevertheless, it is still an amazing song and I will always listen to it again.

18: “Come Back…Be Here”

“Come Back…Be Here” is truly an amazing song. The lyrics are catchy and definitely one of the more memorable songs on the album.

17: “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Iconic song. Amazing lyrics. Would listen to it again over and over. Thank you Taylor Swift for writing this groundbreaking hit song.

16: “The Last Time (feat. Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol)”

“The Last Time” is a beautiful song and has a sad, romantic feel to it. Perfect for a mysterious walk in the woods.

15: “I Almost Do”

We love “I almost do” and fully believe it is so deserving of the middle spot ranking on “Red.”

14: “Forever Winter”

Kim: “Forever Winter” has such a calm melody and I love how this song doesn’t have to be intercepted. The lyrics are also very meaningful and I feel like many people who listen to the song can relate to it. My favorite line would have to be “Too young to know it gets better.”

13: “Starlight”

“Starlight” is such an amazing song on the album. The song gives that fireflies feeling if that makes any sense.

12: “The Moment I Knew”

We just LOVE this song so much. The lyrics and everything about it make it part of the high top 10s.

11:  “Treacherous”

Wow. The writing in this song is so beautiful. Taylor, you have done it again.

10: “Everything Has Changed (feat. Ed Sheeran)”

Honestly, this is one of the best features on her album. Both Taylor and Ed do an amazing job at creating a melodic song. It is really catchy and the lyrics are great.

9: “Better Man”

“Better Man” is one of the nine songs from the vault and is definitely a favorite. It’s sort of reminiscent of some of the old Taylor Swift songs. The lyrics are amazing, the pre-chorus is perfect, and is a memorable song.

8: “I Bet You Think About Me (feat. Chris Stapleton)”

Again, “I Bet You Think About Me” is one of the songs from the vault. It reminds us of old Taylor Swift, which we love.

7: “Run (feat. Ed Sheeran)”

“Run” is also another song from the vault. It is also another duet with Ed Sheeran except this time is better, which we don’t know how that’s possible.

We will take no criticisms of our top 6. It is perfect.

6: “Sad Beautiful Tragic”

Just wow. This song is absolutely beautiful.

Taylor Swift’s promotion photo for “All Too Well.” (Photo Provided by Taylor Swift Official Instagram)

5: “All Too Well”

This is just the regular version of “All Too Well” and it perfectly encompasses the fall weather and mood. The perfect song from “Red.”

4: “The Lucky One”

“The Lucky One” really is one of the best songs on “Red.” The lyrics are amazing and sad and perfect all at once.

3: “Nothing New”

I mean, Phoebe Bridgers and Taylor Swift in one song! How could this not be in everyone’s top three? This song is just so absolutely perfect and captures the essence of a coming-of-age tale. Perfect for all the 17-year-old fans.

2: “Begin Again”

See, “Begin Again” is one of the best Taylor Swift songs EVER. EVER. We love this song. It is perfect. Goodbye.

1: “All Too Well: 10 Minute Version”

“All Too Well: 10 Minute Version” definitely stopped the world. The short film was amazing and this song is what everyone needed.

The “All Too Well” short film cover staring Sadie Sink, Dylan O’Brien, and Taylor Swift. Directed by Taylor Swift. (Photo Provided by Taylor Swift Official Instagram)

Keira Sarni also had some thoughts about this perfect song: “The 10 minute version of ‘All Too Well’ makes me feel all of the feels without knowing how to handle my feelings.”

10 minutes is NOT ENOUGH. We need an hour-long version of “All Too Well.” Taylor, please listen to the fans.

Regardless if you agree with our rankings and these Swifties or not, “Red (Taylor’s Version)” is completely worth the 2-hour listen.

Disclaimer: We did not include “Ronan” in our rankings. Taylor wrote this song for a four-year-old boy who passed away from cancer. It is a beautiful song and you should listen to it.