The strangest trailer you’ll ever see

Stranger Things Season 4 Promotional Poster.
Photo Credit: Netflix

Stranger Things Season 4 Promotional Poster. Photo Credit: Netflix

Brooke Kizziar, Sports Editor

Netflix just released another trailer for their hit sci-fi series “Stranger Things.” For my fellow Strangers (aka avid “Stranger Things” watchers), I would assume I was not the only one who absolutely freaked when watching the trailer.

They reveal the return of several OG characters and some secrets that will go along with the new storyline, leaving us to wonder what chaos will threaten the Byers family this time. Possibly the return of the Demogorgon or the Mind Flayer? We will find out in the debut of the show’s final season in 2022.

In the first season four teaser trailer, dating back in the fifties, it opens showing a family moving into Creel House. In this house, many paranormal events occur and eventually leading to the family’s father apparently murdering his children. Thirty years later, Steve, Dustin, Max, Lucas, and Robin break into the house and find a mysterious grandfather clock in the attic. Many Strangers have theorized that this clock might have connections to the Upside-Down.

The final teaser trailer was released on Saturday, Nov. 6, as a treat for strangers during Netflix’s “Stranger Things” Day. This trailer gave us a sneak peek at the Byer’s family and Eleven’s new life in California. With the absence of the main characters from the previous trailers, the new teaser details the group’s new adjustments to living away from Hawkins.

Will we have to say goodbye to another beloved character? Will the Byer’s family chaos finally come to an end? Will we figure out why Hopper is in Russia? Stay tuned Strangers, for the season four debut in 2022!