Working Royals


Kathleen Martinez stands with former Rosary student at work at the Christmas Tree farm. (Photo Credit: Kathleen Martinez)

Kathleen Martinez, Staff Writer

Growing up, many kids get part time jobs, and our Royals are no different.. These Royals are excited to share their work experiences and show what each job entails.


Kathleen Martinez ’23

To begin, I work at Islands in Fullerton as well as Peltzer Pines Christmas Tree Farm in Brea. I recently got the Islands job as a host and busser. I seat people at their tables and clean the tables after they are finished eating. My favorite part about the job is the discounted food. I love eating half priced burgers and shakes as well as snacking on the desserts. Along with my year round job, I have a seasonal job at Pelzer Pines Christmas Tree Farm. This will be my second year working at the farm. I am excited for the Christmas Tree Farm to open on Nov. 20. At the farm, I show people where to find their perfect tree, help as a cashier, and help to make sure the tags are on the trees. My favorite part about that job is seeing all the cute dogs and babies walk around looking for the trees.

Kathleen Martinez drinks a coffee at work while waiting for customers to come in. (Photo Provided by Elizabeth Martinez)


Angelina Sances ’23

Junior Angelina Sances works at Acai Republic in Fullerton. She has been working there since the summer. When asked about what she does, she said: “At my job, I work with my coworkers to create a great store environment and make everyone who walks in feel welcome. I take orders, make acai bowls, and keep the workplace clean.” Angelina went on to say that her job feels like a video game when it comes to making bowls and smoothies. Angelina said that she shared many laughs with her coworkers when they dropped peanut butter on the floor in front of a customer.

Photo of Angelina Sances ’23happy after a long day’s work. (Photo Credit: Kathleen Martinez)


Brennan Kennedy ’22

Brennan works as a hostess at a country club in Newport Beach called Big Canyon Country Club. Brennan raved about her job: ” I like my work environment. At first, it was intimidating because a lot of the workers were in college. I realized that they were not much older than me and we got along pretty well. I actually work closely with a Rosary Alum named Sarah Griffith.” Brennan did not let her fears keep her from making friends and working hard.

Brennan smiles after a long week of work and school. (Photo provided by Brennan Kennedy)


Madison Laughlin ’23

Sounds like pizza making is a shared passion among many workers. Madison works at Blaze Pizza and spends her time taking orders, making pizzas, and working the register. She enjoys the company of her coworkers: “My coworkers are great, they are really funny and mostly high schoolers. We always buy each other things from the store next door. I love working there, but the store is usually really busy, and the line is always long. Despite that challenge, my coworkers and I have good communication, and we help make things easier for each other.” I aspire to work as hard as Madison works. Her work environment sounds very exciting.


These hard working Royals take the time out of their busy lives to go to work everyday. While the work may be hard, they never let that hinder them from success.