Why seniors should go to Kairos


(Photo provided by Mr. Lyons)

The seniors and adult leaders take a group picture.

Alicia Dofelmier, Features Editor

This year, Fall Kairos was held from Nov. 2 through the 5 at the Mission San Luis Rey.

The student leaders smile before leaving for the mission. (Photo Credit: Brooke Medina)

Here at Rosary, Kairos is a popular topic as soon as you become a senior. About a month into senior year, Mrs. Kearns ‘78 emails the senior class advertising Kairos. And while it is a huge commitment to be away from school for almost a week, it’s worth it. So, why should you go to Kairos?

The Royal Reporter asked various seniors who went on Kairos 60 to share why you should go to Kairos, and why it is a very important part of your high school experience.

A group of seniors and Mrs. Rosales smile for a quick picture. (Photo provided by Mr. Lyons)

The first reason seniors should go to Kairos is to grow their relationship with God. Erika Kuehl ‘22 shared that, “During Kairos, I was able to take a step back from my everyday stresses and listen to what God has in store for me. Through adoration and prayer, I connected with God in a deeper way than ever before.”

The second reason seniors should go to Kairos is so they can forge new relationships with girls they don’t know and strengthen the friendships they already have. Mary Nassar ‘22 shared, “At first I was hesitant about being in a small group with people I had never really talked to. However, as the week progressed with our small group discussions and bonding activities, I grew to be comfortable around the members of my group and saw my classmates in a whole new light.”

Jaclyn Rodriguez and Mary Nassar smile for the camera. (Photo provided by Mr. Lyons)

Furthermore, Jaclyn Rodriguez ‘22 shared, “When I was in my small group, I knew of the girls, I just didn’t have strong relationships with them. But as the retreat progressed, I realized that these girls are really nice and kind. They were all considerate when I was sharing my thoughts and feelings with them.”

The student leaders smile for the camera on the last day. (Photo Provided by Rosary Academy)

Kairos is truly an amazing experience that every senior should partake in. If you’re interested in attending Kairos, be sure to look out for an email from Mrs. Kearns during your senior year. And if you’re a senior now, you should sign up for either the January or Spring Kairos. However, the sign up for January Kairos was Nov. 12, so you want to make sure all your paperwork was in order. Kairos is a wonderful time to take a step back from school, sports, and technology to strengthen your bond with God and your classmates.

One of the groups smiles for a quick picture. (Photo Provided by Mr. Lyons)
Brooke Medina poses with her group at breakfast. (Photo Provided by Mr. Lyons)
Hannah Palos poses with her group. (Photo Provided by: Mr. Lyons)
Elena Navarro smiles with her group. (Photo Provided by Mr. Lyons)