The incredibly talented Jeremy Jordan

Jeremy Jordan performing in a Cabaret show. 
Photo credit:

Jeremy Jordan performing in a Cabaret show. Photo credit:

Lauren Cottrell, Staff Writer

A crime occurred in my AP US History class in May of 2020. When it came time to enjoy the film analysis portion of APUSH following the completion of our AP exam, I was wild with excitement as I knew we would finally be viewing the masterpiece that is “Newsies.” Little did I know, we would be enjoying the subpar and less musical 1992 American historical drama version not the recorded Broadway musical I know and love. Listen, it’s not that I dislike the movie. The movie is fine. But why would anyone sit through a pitchy “Santa Fe” when they could enjoy the tear-jerking glorious voice of one Jeremy Jordan. Who’s Jeremy Jordan you might ask? To which I’d reply, “JEREMY JORDAN! Only one of the most multitalented, humble, and greatest performers alive!”

Jeremy Jordan performing as Jack Kelly in hit musical Newsies. Photo credit:

But listen, I understand. Not everyone has heard of the man who’s stolen the heart of theatre kids world wide. Although, I prefer the term “kid who does theatre”. So please, let this “kid who does theatre” describe the incredibleness that is Jeremy Jordan.


Jeremy Jordan was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. He always loved to sing and was a member of his choir at Mary Carrol High school. He developed a passion for acting, though, when he was cast as the mute in “The Fantasticks” at his high school. This led him to later pursue drama at Ithica College in New York.

Jeremy Jordan spent a year catering and waiting tables, as every great Broadway star has, until he booked his first Broadway show “Rock of Ages.”


Jeremy truly made a name for himself, however, when he was cast as Jack Kelly in “Newsies: the Musical”. That is how I came across this incredible Broadway star. Jeremy received a Tony nomination as Best Actor in a Musical for this star-making role. He also earned a Grammy nomination for the Newsies cast album.

Jeremy Jordan performing in the musical Newsies. Photo credit:

While hearing Jeremy Jordan’s bio may be interesting to some, let me share the bizarre facts about Jeremy Jordan I have stored in the contents of my brain.


Did you know Jeremy Jordan once got food poisoning after eating Chipotle in 2017? After hearing about that, I boycotted Chipotle for an extended period time for poisoning my beloved performer.


Did you know Jeremy Jordan’s favorite band is Bon Jovi? I mean, truly immaculate taste.


Did you know Jeremy Jordan’s favorite color is blue BUT his eyes are hazel…mmm….very interesting. There’s so much depth to this man.


And did you know Jeremy Jordan’s favorite food is fried chicken?! While I may be a vegetarian, I’d devour a battery chicken wing just for this Broadway icon!


These are only a few of the many bizarre Jeremy Jordan facts that I have retained in my memory.


Jeremy Jordan is God’s gift to man and deserves everyone’s appreciation. Check him out in this link, or, if you feel inclined, buy a ticket to his current post-Covid debut in “Little Shop of Horrors.” You will not regret it!


Poster promoting current musical Little Shop of Horrors starring Jeremy Jordan. Photo credit: