Fall showcase & thespian induction


(Photo provided by Katie Thomas)

Acting 1 performing during Showcase.

Alicia Dofelmier, Features Editor

On Thursday, October 21, Trinitas Arts Conservatory held its annual Fall Showcase. Students from Acting I, Acting II, Musical Theatre, Advanced Tech, and Makeup were all able to show off what they had been working on for the past seven weeks. It was a very special showcase seeing as how this was the first time a live audience was back in the Trinitas theater since 2019 to watch a live performance.

Acting I performed first and they showed off various exercises that they had been working on. Then there was a slideshow displaying the different special effect makeup exercises that the Makeup and Design class had been working on. Jojo Watson ‘22 was able to share a little about why she enjoyed the class so much and said, Makeup design was so much fun! I never thought I would have a chance to do it and actually do pretty good! It was so funny how sick, gross, and disgusting became the best compliments to get.Next up was Acting II. Shelby Devoy ‘24 shared, “I loved getting to learn about old plays and having the chance to perform them.”

Layla Valenzuela, Alicia Dofelmier, and Shelby Devoy smile backstage before performing. (Photo credit: Alicia Dofelmier)

The last performance of the night was Musical Theatre, and it was truly amazing to see the progress that they had made in a few short weeks. When asked what she liked best about showcase, Layla Valenzuela ‘23 said, “I loved breaking down my insecurities about my voice and learning to better them in song.”

None of the amazing performances would have been possible without Advanced Tech who made sure that all the behind-the-scenes stuff was flowing smoothly so that everyone who was performing could look and sound their best. 

To close out the showcase Allison Lillestol ‘23, Riley Martinez ‘24, Elizabeth Astorga ‘25, Evy Galvan ‘25, Cali Gomez ‘23, Samantha Guerrero ‘23, Alejandra Hutchinson ‘22, Isabela Delgado ‘24, Cate Mastroni ‘23, Jaclyn Sanchez ‘23 were all inducted and welcomed as new members of Troupe 4566.

The Fall 2021 showcase was spectacular. All the students including Tech did great, and everyone was elated to finally have a live audience again sitting in the theatre watching the performances.