Some of the best movie scores (in my opinion)

Some of the best movie scores (in my opinion)

Giovana "Jojo" Watson, Staff Writer

From the enthralling string instruments in the Avengers theme to the eerie piano underscoring of “The Corpse Bride,” music scores are one of the most memorable aspects of a film. I have listed my opinion on some of the best movies scores to ever grace the silver screen, as well as our ears.


10. “The Road to El Dorado”

Any movie that has Elton John as its narrator is bound to be a musical masterpiece.

That’s all.

But in all seriousness, by using a blend of both contemporary music and classical orchestration, “The Road to El Dorado” creates a beautiful soundtrack that is surprisingly underappreciated and timeless. Senior Skylar Cooper says, “The music is very lively and entertaining. It was very ahead of its time as it promoted the songs of Elton John.”


9. “Ponyo”

“Ponyo” is the story of a goldfish princess (yes, you read that right) and a little boy named Sosuke. The story itself is very light and heart-warming, and the soundtrack conveys that beautifully. One example of this is when Ponyo is going up to the surface, a light-hearted, bouncing melody that is full of string instruments starts playing in the background, almost as if we are floating up to the surface with her. Chelsea Bartilad ’22 said that “It captures the childlike wonder that Ponyo and Sosuke have so well and it goes with the movie so well. 10/10 would recommend watching.”


8. “Tangled”

As seen with the popular TikTok trend of dancing to one of the film’s most memorable songs, the score of “Tangled” is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Senior Anna DiCrisi stated: “I don’t know what else to say other than I listen to the soundtrack when I want to get homework done. It’s sweet, it’s fast. It’s exciting at times. ‘Waiting for the Lights’ makes me cry and the obvious ‘Kingdom Dance’ is the boppiest of all.”


7. “Finding Nemo”/ “Finding Dory”

The “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory” soundtracks have effects in them that almost resemble whale calls, immersing us more in the underwater world of our protagonists. It ebbs and flows perfectly with the actions and emotions of the characters, pulling the audience into their world more. Junior Emma Silva says “I really, really, really like how it uses sound, It really builds suspense and makes the saddest moments sadder. There are certain moments where you’re bopping your head along and it’s very whimsical.”


6.  “How to Train Your Dragon” Trilogy

The flying score written by John Powell stays true to classic adventure scores (one of the inspirations I could hear was Indiana Jones) while keeping up with a contemporary audience, presenting us with an equally inspiring and satisfying combination. Sarah Ybarra ’23 says: “It is very adventurous. It’s something you’d hear in a discovery channel movie about traveling.”


5. “Ratatouille”

The movie about the lovable rat chef Remy has a beautiful score that makes me feel like I am at an outdoor French café in the heart of Paris. Mandy Puga ’24 says, “The ‘Ratatouille’ soundtrack is the most beautiful piece of music ever created. I listen to it every day after school. It brings me joy and happiness. This soundtrack will end world hunger. It is supreme.”


4. “The Little Mermaid”

This nostalgic soundtrack makes me want to drive to the nearest beach and reenact the “Part of Your World Reprise”.

You know. The part with the

The Little Mermaid won the Academy Award for Best Music and a Golden Globe for Best Original Score in 1990. (Photo provided by Google under the Creative Commons License)

rock that we all did in the pool when we were seven.

Sophia Kondo ’22 had this to say about the score: “Of course I love all of the songs from “The Little Mermaid,” but I also really love the original score. I think it is so significant and recognizable, yet it doesn’t get enough attention. For me, songs such as ‘Tour of the Kingdom’ and ‘Main Title’ are extremely nostalgic and sweet. I think my favorite song from Alan Menken’s score is ‘Happy Ending’ because it creates a classic Disney happy ending using the same nostalgic melody that I grew up with.”


3. “The Incredibles” series

The unique score enables the brass section of the orchestra to the fullest and is arguably one of the most memorable soundtracks Disney has ever created. They even went the extra mile to create theme songs for the superheroes as an added bonus to the album.

Sophomore Julia Watson said: ” The music is so action-packed, exhilarating and lovely. It makes me feel like something heroic or good is about to happen.”


2. “Pirates of the Caribbean”

This music, written by acclaimed composer Hans Zimmer, causes something in me to boil in the best way possible. It is a rousing soundtrack that urges the listener to become a pirate and follow in the footsteps of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Daniela Arias ’23 says: “I think it really makes you transcend into a pirate ambiance. It makes you feel like you’re on the ride at Disneyland. It adds to the action onscreen and it progressively gets more intense. You can never go wrong with the classic ‘Pirate’s Life For Me’. It makes you feel comfy and ready for an adventure.”


Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: number one.


1. “The Prince of Egypt”

Calling this soundtrack anything short of immaculate is mind-boggling. First off, the opening song creates a very original sound that sets up the entire expectation for the rest of the film. Composed by Stephen Schwartz, the same man who wrote the score for the likes of “Wicked” and “Pocahontas,” the music drives the plot forward without ever overshadowing the central plot.

The Prince of Egypt won an Academy Award for best song in 1999. The rendition was performed by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. (Photo provided by Google under the Creative Commons License.)

Senior Brooke Kizziar had this to say about the score: “This movie truly takes me into another world when I watch it. When I watched it for the first time, I remember telling my cousin that no intro to a movie has ever grabbed my attention like the Prince of Egypt. I know almost every word of dialogue throughout the movie. And do not even get me started on the soundtrack. The lyrics, the composition, the raw emotion conveyed in every song is just so overwhelmingly beautiful. I rate this movie 100/10.”