Speak to Inspire

Guest speaker Roxanne Ahmadi a Principal Space  System Engineer. (Photo Provided by Rosary Academy)

Guest speaker Roxanne Ahmadi a Principal Space System Engineer. (Photo Provided by Rosary Academy)

Kimberly Gallo , Staff Writier

On Tuesday, Oct. 19, Rosary Academy held its second Speak to Inspire. Two Rosary Alumnae, Roxi Ahmadi and Kayla Maechler spoke about their aerospace and environmental engineering careers.

Roxi Ahmadi is a Space System Engineer at Northrop Grumman. As Ms. Ahmadi began college, she studied fine arts and later joined the STEM program to get her a step closer into the engineering science field she was trying to achieve. Later, she got many job offers such as working behind the scenes in CA High Speed Rail, National and homeland security, City of LA Olympics Prep, space systems, and high pressure pipeline enhancements.

The second guest speaker was Kayla Maechler, who is a staff engineer at Golder. She further explained that Golder is a Global Specialized Engineering Consulting Organization. This organization offers many skills to help challenge the earth’s environment, infrastructure, oil and gas, mining, and power sectors. After high school, Ms. Maechler attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and completed her bachelors degree in Environmental Engineering.

Guest speaker Kayla Maechler staff Engineer at Golder. (Photo Provided by Rosary Academy)

Many Rosary students attended this event, and this is what they said regarding it.

Why did you attend Speak to inspire, and how did it impact you?

Senior Katie Fang said, “Since I am still unsure of what I want to pursue in the future, this Speak to Inspire session opened my mind to the world of engineering and environmental science. It was really inspiring hearing about the two speakers’ experiences, and they encouraged us to follow our ambitions despite the male dominance in the STEM industry.”

What was your favorite part about speak to inspire?

Trinity Delacruz ’22 said,” I was grateful for the opportunity to be able to hear about the women’s personal experiences within their engineering careers. Their talks offered a lot of insight. One of the women, Kayla Maechler, said that  she enjoyed both English and math in high school, and that engineering allowed her to combine her skills in both. I found this interesting and enlightening because English and math are my favorite subjects too. I didn’t know that there were careers where you could use both.”

What did you learn from speak to inspire?

Nia Delacruz’24 said, “I learned that engineering is a male dominated field, so women in engineering may have a hard time in that aspect. These women may have issues with fitting in or feeling isolated, so it is nice when there are other women on their teams.”

Both Roxi Ahmadi and Kayla Maechler discussed the many obstacles within their career such as being women in such a male dominated field. They were both incredibly challenged and both believed they were going to give up at some point studying in their career, but they kept pushing forward to prove to themselves that they could accomplish anything.