Nobody put Mr. Bevins on aux

Keira Sarni

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May 24, 2022

Photo Credit: Keira Sarni

Mr. Bevins gives a thumbs up while streaming his favorite existential dread song by Rilo Kiley.

Have you ever wondered what music you think the teachers at Rosary listen to? In my mind, Ms. Rocha is a hardcore Swiftie, streaming Taylor Swift 24/7. Whereas Ms. Lanctot listens to AC/DC and Queen on repeat on her Spotify account. This week, we are diving into what the English department listens to versus what their students think they listen to.

We are starting off strong with everyone’s favorite AP English Language, Honors English III, and Journalism teacher, Ms. Barclay ’94. Elena Walz ’22 comments on what she thinks Ms. Barclay listens to saying, “You know that one episode of ‘The Office’ when Gabe is playing his weird, techno, folk, Japanese music? I feel like Barclay would definitely listen to that.” An interesting guess, but when asked about her preference of music, Barclay states, “Hmm. This is a tough one because I don’t listen to a lot of music. I normally listen to like podcasts or audiobooks, but I do like Vampire Weekend, the Beatles, and I like Radiohead. Juniors Anna Jordan and Emma Silva turned me on to Taylor Swift. I can’t say I listen to it on my own, but I don’t mind it. I do like that Fiona Adams Apple, or—wait—I think it’s just Fiona Apple.” Looks like senior Elena Walz was definitely off with that creative and out-of-the-box guess.

Ms. Barclay does not agree with Elena Walz’s guess. (Photo Credit: Keira Sarni)

Next up, we have the extremely stylish and cool Ms. Torres. When asked about what she thinks Ms. Torres listens to, Ella Paniagua ’25 said, “I think Ms. Torres listens to Mariah Carey. I can imagine her singing out loud in the car on her way to or from work. I can also see her cleaning her house to Beyoncé and maybe listening to Miguel with her fiancé.” Also, Jeanna Sheremetta ’24 commented, “I think she would listen to maybe like Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber. Something definitely like that pop type of music.” Ms. Torres gave us a little more insight into what she listens to on her Spotify saying, “I listen to a little bit of everything. I try to keep up with the times, and I take recommendations from my students. Some artists I like are Olivia Rodrigo, I mean I am a sucker for Harry Styles of course, and I’m going to a Jonas Brothers concert next week. Justin Bieber is also a big one. I’ve been a Bieber-fever fan forever, and One Direction is, of course, like my ideal boyband.” I feel confident saying Ms. Torres has my favorite music taste of the English teachers, mainly for saying One Direction is her favorite boy band.

Now, we have Rosary’s newest dad and resident literary critic, Mr. Bevins. Although her guess is somewhat confusing and unclear, Anna DiCrisi ’22 comments on Mr. Bevins’ music taste saying, “I mean I truly believe that Bevins listens to modern folk music. He like owns a banjo, and I get like Irish fox vibes from him, whatever that means. He listens to those songs that are almost like a whisper of weird lyrics that don’t actually mean anything but appear as if they are really deep like the whole song is just a metaphor. I also don’t think he actually uses aux but listens on CDs just to spite aux cords.” Mr. Bevins gives us a very different answer saying, “I really don’t listen to music that much, but my Spotify most listened to is like Jackson Browne or the Beach Boys radio for childhood nostalgia. Or I’ll listen to Beirut Fleet Foxes for my existential dread or philosophical inquiry mood. Or if I’m going like super high school nostalgia, it is like Postal Service, Death Cab for Cutie, or Rilo Kiley.”  While her guess was nowhere near accurate, I am sure Mr. Bevins will appreciate Anna DiCrisi’s creativity.

Additionally, we have the newly married Mrs. Godfrey ’13, former Ms. Luebke. When asked about Mrs. Godfrey’s music taste, Gabriela “Gigi” Coo ’24 says, “I think Mrs. Godfrey would listen to like soft pop-y music that is like fun to dance to but not over the edge too crazy. A song that would have many moods to it. I think she would listen to like Taylor Swift or Jack Johnson.” Mrs. Godfrey, however, gave us some insight into her Spotify playlists saying, “I have a very mixed bag of genres that I like to listen to. The biggest one is probably country though. I love old country like George Strait or Shania Twain. If one of their songs comes on, I will get up and perform it in front of everyone just because I know every single word. That being said, I also love a good Jonas Brothers song, old or new. ‘Remember This’ was the last dance at my wedding and everyone like got up and was like having a great time. I would say it is a little mix of pop and country.” While her guess was not completely off, Gigi Coo did forget to mention Ms. Godfrey’s favorite artist, the king of country, George Strait.

Next up is Rosary’s designated vegan, Mr. Stegink. Erika Kuehl ’22 commented on what she thought Mr. Stegink would listen to saying, “Stegink would definitely listen to some Irish type folk music. I could see him taking up some like Irish dancing or something.” Mr. Stegink responds to Erika’s guess commenting, “I don’t listen to music. I listen to podcasts. If I were, however, going to listen to music on Spotify it is probably like a playlist on shuffle of hits from the 90s, like 90s rock or alternative. It is what the kids call today ‘oldies.’ I wouldn’t say Erika is wrong with the Irish folk music though. I do enjoy a good Irish jig.” It looks like Erika Kuehl’s guess was not super far off with Irish folk music. I could definitely see Mr. Stegink dressing up as a leprechaun this year for Halloween.

It seems like quite a few students think the English department listens to Irish folk music. I guess I’ll take that as a sign the English teachers need to take up Irish dancing? Stay tuned for more articles about what Rosary’s teachers listen to versus what their students think they listen to.