Robo-baby takeover at Rosary


Psychology class students lug around Robo-Babies for a day. Photo Provided by Olivia Eyler ’22

Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

At Rosary, a student in class may wonder, “Why do I hear the screams and cries of robotic babies in the hallway?” Essentially there is one answer. The robot apocalypse has begun! Just kidding. Or am I?

This October, Psychology classes received a baby (mechanical and fake) to take care of for 24 hours. You may think this doesn’t sound too bad, but think again. These babies are described by many to be obnoxious, loud, and monstrous at times.

One participant who dealt with the little monster is junior Danica Silvestri. She looked back on her day and said, “I think that doing this project for Psychology was a really fun way to help us learn the topic we were getting to know about. But I do not feel that it was very accurate to how being a mom really is. I had a really good time taking care of ‘Noah,’ except when it woke me up at night.”

Danica with her newborn robot baby boy, Noah. Photo Provided by Danica Silvestri ’23

Next senior Alinna Rivera also spoke on her experience, “Originally I had expectations that the baby was going to be loud and terrible, but surprisingly it was rather peaceful. It did not cry once. I honestly thought it was broken. I think it cried only once at the football game, but  barely anyone heard over the ruckus noise at the game.”

Alinna and her silent robot baby, Drake.
Photo Provided by Elizabeth Martinez ’22

Lastly, senior Martina Gutierrez described her experience in a different way than Danica. She said, “For some reason, I thought my baby was broken, it would not stop crying. Every class was extremely irritated during my day, and at one point I wanted to throw it off the balcony. I really don’t think as a mom I will have to deal with screaming and crying for around 24 hours straight.”

Martina after a rough day of taking care of her robot baby ‘Hudson.’
Photo Provided by Martina Gutierrez ’22

The idea of these babies was to give us a glimpse of what being a mom was like, but some girls felt that the experience was not accurate to how it is to be a mother. As these robo-babies were with the girls throughout each of their days and they all agree that they will not miss lugging around the little monsters to classes, football games, and more.