Seniors’ last Rosary Day


The seniors took a picture in front of the famous castle while dressed up as Disney princesses in casual/modern clothes. Photo provided by Anna DiCrisi

Kim Pham and Kimberly Gallo

On the second Friday of October every year, at Rosary Academy we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Rosary as well as the juniors’ ring ceremony in the honor of them becoming upperclasswomen.

On this special day, as a tradition, Rosary’s student body and staff enjoy the rest of their day at Disneyland after the celebration.

Due to COVID last year, the class of 2022 was unable to attend Disneyland after their ring ceremony. However, with Disneyland opening up, the seniors were able to spend their last Rosary Day at Disneyland and continue the tradition.

Many of them were thrilled to be back after the entire shutdown due to COVID-19. For many students, this was their first time back after a year or two, which made it even more unforgettable. We got the opportunity to interview some seniors about their Rosary Disneyland experience.

How was your last Rosary Day Disneyland celebration?

Senior Giovanna Watson excitedly shared, “It was really great! My friends and I were able to get on so many rides and we did so much more than I anticipated! In all, it was a really fun day!”

How did it feel being back at Disneyland?

Senior Jessica Avila said, “Being back at Disneyland felt like everything was returning to normal and it felt like a perfect way to end my senior year with. Also, it felt like coming back home after a long time of being away from it. It gave me the sense of coming back home and my people.

How did it feel celebrating your last Rosary day?

Liana Hanz ’22 commented, “To be honest I felt excited for the juniors for being able to take their place as upperclasswoman, but it definitely hurt realizing it was my last year. The junior day had me reminiscing my very first one, and I remembered thinking that could never be me, and now I see that it was already me and that my time at Rosary is slowly coming to an end. I loved being bake to see all my friends take their place and set a new example for the freshmen and sophomores and I can’t wait to see the amazing things they do next, and this junior day definitely stuck an emotional nerve.”

Did you see any teachers at Disneyland? Who and where?

 Mary Marshall ’22 said, “I saw Ms. Waldman, Ms. Dorset, and Mr. Bravo getting Dole whips, and then in line in front of us in Indiana Jones.

What is your favorite Disneyland ride and why?

Trinity Delacruz ’22 stated, “Okay honestly, I don’t go to Disneyland that often, so I don’t know the rides too well. But my favorite ride is probably the Matterhorn because it’s one of the faster and more exciting rides.

Did anything crazy happen at Disneyland?

Sophia Kondo’22, Katie Fang’ 22, Emily La’22, Giovanna Watson’22, Brianna Dreyer’22, Julia Herman’22, Savannah Kondo’22, Melissa Hanson’22 took a group picture in front of the Disneyland castle.
Photo Provided by Melissa Hanson
Liana Hanz ’22, Kim Pham’22, Kimberly Gallo ’22, Isabella Cruz ’22, Alyanah Gastinell ’22, and Jessica Avila ’22 took a mirror picture as they got off Indiana Jones
Photo provided by Kim Pham
Sophia Kondo ’22, Savannah Kondo ’22, Giovanna “Jojo” Watson ’22, and Melissa Hanson ’22 waited in line to board the Malecon Falcon in star wars land.
Photo provided by Melissa Hanson

Irene Fernandez ’22 laughed as she remembered the incident, “Okay soooooo I got on  Indiana Jones with my friend Cicleri Lopez ’24. She had a backpack full of her clothes after changing from Rosary Day and I left my mini bag in there that had my phone I was charging and my credit card. When we got on the ride, we did not put the backpack in the little compartment bags because we thought it would not fit and so we left it on the floor. However, my friend did not know that Indiana Jones has a lot of sharp turns. The first sharp turn on the ride, she looked over to me and was like ‘THE BAG FLEW OUT.’ After the ride, we went to the lost and found to file a claim and they told us they cannot stop the ride and we will get our bag at around 11:30 pm or even in the morning. My friend was definitely stressed because we thought maybe my phone could get run over from the ride. We went back to Indiana Jones and got on the ride where we saw that the backpack was safe on the pathway instead of on the tracks. After our experience, we went to get pasta and tried to enjoy the rest of our time. I was pretty okay with not having my phone. Overall, I enjoyed my last Rosary Day and hope it was amazing for everyone especially the juniors!”