Halloween is coming up- let’s talk about Christmas

Even though Halloween is coming up, Royals are eager to discuss their favorite memories of Christmas

Even though Halloween is coming up, Royals are eager to discuss their favorite memories of Christmas

Giovana "Jojo" Watson, Staff Writer

Halloween: the time for trick-or-treating, raiding the nearest Spirit Halloween or Party City for last minute costumes, and watching horror movies just for the fun of it. Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays at Rosary, and while that is all good and well, let’s discuss the most important part of Halloween: Christmas.


Come on. We’re all thinking it. I was just the first to say it.


Even though Thanksgiving is before Christmas and we still have two months to get through before we can deck the halls, we shouldn’t have to wait to celebrate.

A handful of Rosary students were particularly excited to share their favorite memories of Christmas and

Anna DiCrisi and her younger sister open their gifts in front of their beautifully decorated tree. Photo Credit: Anna DiCrisi

what they were most looking forward to. Anna DiCrisi ’22 said “I love the Christmas spirit! The sweaters, the lights, how we pretend it snows when we know it won’t. My family goes all out with decorations and it makes me happy when I fall asleep to Christmas music after decorating the house.” Anna’s eagerness about Christmas is something straight out of a Hallmark movie.

Sophmore Julia Watson added this: “My favorite memory is how every year, Dad reads us the story of “The Night Before Christmas” since we were little and we all sit on the couch together.” The feeling of familial togetherness brings a sense of warmth and joy, something that everyone enjoys partaking in!

Julia Watson and her sisters listen to their dad reading their favorite holiday book. Photo Credit: Debbie Watson

Irene Fernandez ’22 had this to say: “My favorite part of Christmas is definitely giving and receiving gifts! I just love giving my friends personal items and also enjoy seeing what they gift me. For Christmas, I love watching so many movies and drinking hot chocolate while driving around to see decorations and lights. Christmas is definitely the best holiday!”

Last, but most definitely not least, English teacher Ms. Barclay said, “I really love buying gifts for people. I know it’s not about the gift, but I personally love knowing that they are opening something funny and meaningful. I love not working, and I love that it is theoretically colder.”

As we continue through Spooky Season, let us remember that Christmas break is fast approaching and that we will soon swap out jack ‘o lanterns for Christmas trees. We also can’t forget that Christmas is a time for celebration, unity, and to be close with the ones you love.