Behind the scenes: homecoming edition


Rosary Academy

Servite alumnus John Sarni, Servite prince Ian Schutt, and I walk across the football field.

Keira Sarni, Social Media Director/Staff Writer

Ian Schutt and I moments before walking down to the field. (Photo Credit: Kimberly Sarni)

Last week and weekend marked all things homecoming and teenager in a coming-of-age movie related. This year, I had the honor of being one of the 2021-2022 homecoming princesses. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be on homecoming court during homecoming week.

The week kicked off with spirit week: Matching Monday, Team Tuesday, Western Wednesday, Class Spirit Thursday, and Friar Friday; however, our duties did not officially start until Thursday at the Homecoming rally.

My dad, Ian Schutt, and I preparing to walk across the field. (Kimberly Sarni)

At the rally, all eight princesses and princes were introduced to the Royals. We then broke off into our pairs and played a New York-themed game, running around the Karcher Center trying to find letters that would spell out the word subway. Servite prince Ian Schutt ’22 and I then sprinted around the gym, but were only able to find three a’s and an s, so we did not win the game. The seniors won the spirit stick, which did make up for the homecoming court game loss.

My dad and I entered the football game in style for the gold out. (Kimberly Sarni)

Friday brought all things football and Friday night lights at the homecoming game. My dad, Servite graduate John Sarni ’87, Servite prince Ian Schutt, and I got to walk across the football field at halftime. We walked through a balloon arch, and Ian Schutt and I did a handshake in front of the crowd. My dad, a man of ultimate swag yet few words, talked about his experience saying, “It was a hoot.” The whole experience ended after about 20 minutes, but I had the best time walking in front of the Servite fans with my friends yelling and cheering for me.

After the football game, some friends and I went to In-N-Out to grab a burger and a shake, a typical post-football game tradition for Rosary girls and Servite boys.

Some friends and I went to In-N-Out after the football game. (Anna DiCrisi)
Seniors Elena Walz, Anna DiCrisi, and I snap some pictures before heading to the dance. (Anna DiCrisi)

I spent the Saturday of homecoming getting ready for the dance. My friends and I met at senior Memphis Velasco‘s house where we ate dinner and then headed to the dance in style in a party bus. We all danced the night away, and then at 9:15, all of the princesses and princes headed to find out who won king and queen.

My friends and I had a blast taking pictures before heading to the dance. (Kimberly Sarni)
Elena Walz and I head to homecoming in style in a party bus. (Katie Thomas)

We were presented to all attendees of the dance, and then the king and queen were announced. Will Hawkins ’22 won homecoming king, and Sloane La Brie ’22 won homecoming queen. Sloane La Brie commented on her whole experience saying, “I was so surprised that I was nominated. I was super nervous at the homecoming game, but my dad was happy with all the attention he got. I had the best time at the dance, and when they announced the winner, I was definitely shocked that I won. I literally don’t know anyone at Servite so I don’t know how I won.”

Katie Thomas, Elena Walz, and I spent the night on the dance floor. (Anna DiCrisi)

Although I did not win queen, I was so flattered to be on court and had the time of my life. I am so grateful that my class nominated me to be on court, and this is definitely an experience I will never forget.