First homecoming rally!


Photo Credit: Ayah Mohamed '22

Students gathered for the Homecoming Rally!

Irene Fernandez, News Editor

The first rally of the year took place last Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021 to kick off Homecoming!

Royals gathered in the Karcher Center for the first time as a whole school since the pandemic. The homecoming court of princesses and princes made a special appearance and played games. ASB spirit officers Reese Loya ’22 and Adriana Arroyo ’23 led an exciting rally, filled with enjoyable skits and lots of creativity shown through their costumes of the “Big Apple” and the Statue of Liberty, paired with their New York accents. Students definitely loved seeing Adriana jump up into Reese’s arms for their awesome dance skit.

Seniors cheered decked out in Red & Gold attire before making their entrance into the Karcher Center. (Photo Credit: Irene Fernandez)

The class of 2022 was able to run into the gym, rejoicing in senior tradition for their first rally of their last year on Rosary campus. Senior Danielle Perez shared her thoughts: “The homecoming rally was so much fun! I forgot how much I missed rallies.” Royals have missed these engaging rallies that connect the student body. Along with loving the rally, Danielle commented on her favorite moment: “My favorite part of the rally was definitely running in with my classmates. I’ve looked forward to doing that since I was a freshman.” The seniors were glad to run in after a year of missed traditions.

Other classes also enjoyed their first rally of the year. Junior Brianna Guzman had some great thoughts to share. She said: “Way to go ASB! This Homecoming Rally was really fun! I hadn’t had one since freshman year. The games were the most entertaining.” Juniors were looking forward to having another rally since online school restricted these traditions. Guzman had a great time participating in the rally and watching all of her classmates be spirited. She continued: “I was so excited for the announcement of spirit stick winners. We lost sadly. But maybe next time!!” However, the seniors won the spirit stick this time!

Cheer and dance put on an amazing performance. (Photo provided by Claire Heidelman ’24)

This was sophomores’ first rally because they were unable to experience one their freshman year due to COVID. When asked about her thoughts on the Homecoming rally, Ava Perez ‘24 stated: “The Homecoming Rally this year was so much fun! It was a great way to have all the classes at Rosary get excited for the dance.” At the rally, the Homecoming Court and other Servite students played several mini games. Ava shared: “I loved watching the homecoming court play the word scramble game. They seemed to be having so much fun and that got the crowd excited.” Ava is also on the Rosary cheerleading team, so she performed a routine along with the dance team. When talking about her experience performing in front of the whole school, she said: “I had to perform in front of everyone and the Rosary community made it easy for me to have fun while doing so. I was so excited to put on a show in front of students for my first rally.”

The freshmen also experienced their first rally and loved their first go at this tradition. Freshman Sophia “Pia” Gomez said: “The Homecoming rally was such a great way to see the whole school together and show their school spirit.” For the freshman, this was their first time rallying up with their classmates and showing off their class spirit. Pia continued: “My favorite part of the rally was definitely seeing the seniors entrance into the Karcher center. Being a freshman and this being my first rally, it was so much fun and I cannot wait for future rallies!” Gomez also shared, “I loved seeing the Servite guys participate and show their spirit!” The Homecoming rally was evidently exciting for all class grades.

Students sure filled the bleachers with enthusiasm for the first Rosary rally. Royals cannot wait for future rallies!

Seniors took a picture before running through their class poster. (Photo provided by Therese Vasquez ’22)