Homecoming proposals!


Photo Credit: Irene Fernandez

Ian Schutt ’22 proposed to Olivia Eyler ’22 in front of the whole school at the Homecoming Rally!

Irene Fernandez, News Editor

Before homecoming, many Royals eagerly waited after school or after practices to see who was asked to the dance. Friends gathered around, casually walking up to their friend’s future date, ready to capture the memorable photo. They just happened to be there at the perfect time. Totally coincidental.

Homecoming proposals are always the sweetest. Normally, they involve a hand-crafted poster plus some roses, stuffed bears, treats, or any other items a date is sure to love.

At the homecoming rally on Sept. 23, 2021, Servite senior Ian Schutt proposed to Rosary senior Olivia Eyler in front of an audience of cheering students. It was one of the most amazing moments of the rally as students were in shock and loved witnessing such a cute moment. As part of the Homecoming Court, Ian was one of the Servite students who attended. But, to everyone’s surprise, he came out at the end, dressed in a black suit, to stage an epic homecoming proposal.

Ian and Olivia hug during their proposal. (Photo Credit: Ms. Barclay)

Olivia was in the senior crowd and said about her proposal: “I was in complete shock! I thought it was the cutest thing ever though and it was definitely one crazy experience I’ve had at Rosary.” She shared her favorite part: “I loved how he asked me with the bachelor theme and that he asked me in front of the whole school because that’s not usually like him.” As for homecoming, Olivia excitedly said: “I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait for homecoming with him.” Olivia and Ian’s homecoming proposal was definitely one of the best on the Rosary campus!

Ryan Prosser asked Annalise Adamsen to their first Homecoming dance. (Photo provided by Annalise Adamsen)


Of course, freshmen are experiencing all of the new happiness that comes with high school dances. Annalise Adamsen ‘25 had an exciting day when Servite freshman Ryan Prosser proposed to her. She shared, “Two of the main emotions that were rushing through my body were nervousness and an overload of joy when I got asked to homecoming. I already knew I was going to be asked that day but I didn’t know how I was going to be asked.” For her first homecoming, Annalise said: “I’m very excited to experience homecoming with a date because it is my first time going since I’m a freshman. I do understand that you’re supposed to stay with your date most of the time but I honestly won’t have a problem with that.”

Adamsen loved her proposal and happily explained her favorite part of her experience: “What I loved most about being asked was the adorable way he did ask. I just really enjoyed the fact that it made me smile so much I couldn’t stop smiling.” What a fantastic freshman homecoming proposal between Annalise and Ryan.

This month, Servite senior Donovan Decano proposed to Calista Fejeran ‘22 in his own personal and adorable way. Their proposal was the cutest thing ever. Calista shared a few details about her lovely moment: “My boyfriend surprised me after school with a sign and flowers and a copy of my favorite movie that they took off of Netflix—“Scott Pilgrim!” I always made him watch it with me before they took it off Netflix.” When asked about the thought behind his proposal, Donovan responded: “I just thought of things that she liked the best. I knew she always wanted a copy of “Scott Pilgrim,” her favorite color is pink, and I wanted to remind her of the first time we talked.” Calista expanded more on Donovan’s thoughtful action: “He bought me my favorite flowers which are pink daisies and the sign said “I’m making a move on u <3” which is the first thing he said to me when we started talking.” What an amazing proposal! Both Donovan and Calista are thrilled to attend the Homecoming dance together.

Servite senior Donovan Decano proposed to Calista Fejeran with all of her favorite things. (Photo provided by Rachel Klohnen)
Nick Banning asked Esther Solorio to the Homecoming dance with a “Tangled” themed proposal. (Photo provided by Esther Solorio)

Another amazing homecoming proposal was junior Nick Banning’s proposal to Esther Solorio ‘23. Solorio shared details about her cute proposal: “He asked right after a volleyball game with all my friends there. I thought the proposal was super cute. It was inspired by Tangled, which is my favorite movie.” As part of the proposal, Nick gifted Esther a “bracelet that is soo pretty.” Homecoming proposals are pretty exciting for Rosary students. Many friend groups generally know when their friend is about to get asked to the dance. Esther elaborated more on feelings she had throughout the day: “My friends were speaking during lunch and I heard his name come up but they were whispering which was very suspicious.” Hmm…interesting. Of course friends always know. For homecoming, Esther and Nick are extremely excited to be going together. Esther happily continued: “This is my first time getting asked. I’m pretty happy considering this is my first time going!”

Noah Bran ‘22 proposed to senior Rachel Klohnen on Thursday, Sept. 16. Rachel shared: “I was walking after school with my friends and then I saw my boyfriend with a big sign, flowers, donuts, and his dog Dakota to ask me to the homecoming dance. It was so cute!” Rachel noted, “I knew he was going to ask me because we’re dating. I just didn’t know when or how.” Aside from sharing that she expected a homecoming proposal from her boyfriend, she also said: “I was so surprised by how he asked me and my favorite part of the proposal was definitely Dakota. I’m really excited to go with my boyfriend.” Noah gave insight into his thought process behind this adorable proposal. He mentioned: “The way I came up with asking Rachel to Homecoming was by thinking about what she loved. I knew that she loved donuts, flowers, and animals, so I had to have all of those in the proposal. I used my dog Dakota, whom she loves more than me, so that she would say yes.” Bran continued by stating: “Planning the proposal was difficult, but with the help of my sister, I was able to get it done. I was worried about the setup, though, because my dog had to wear part of the poster around his neck and sit still for it to work. Surprisingly, with all the cars moving in and out of the parking lot, the people walking up to him, and the poster around his neck, he was able to sit still and get the girl I love to say yes.” Wow. Speechless.

Noah Bran proposed to his girlfriend Rachel Klohnen in the most adorable way by bringing his dog Dakota. (Photo provided by Rachel Klohnen)

Homecoming proposals are some of the best and cutest moments on campus. Winter formal is coming up in a couple months so watch out because that could be you next!