College theatre auditions: a whole new world


Grace Horeckzo (Left) and Giovana Watson (Far right) and cast of Front in rehearsals. Photo Credit: Katie Thomas

Giovana "Jojo" Watson, Staff Writer

At first, it started out as a distant goal; however, the deadlines are starting to creep up and the anxiety is kicking in harder than before. That’s right, readers.

It’s college audition season.

Musical Theatre college audition season.

Even though I don’t have to take any SATs or ACTs, I am still freaking out about deadlines, essays, and videos. But just like a regular colleges admissions journey, the rewards are worth the effort.

Before you can begin the audition process, you need to pick your materials. Most colleges require two monologues and two songs. For both, one needs to be written before 1970, and one needs to be written after 1970. These requirements might vary depending on the college. For example, I will be performing Sister’s monologue from “Front” (Written in 1976) and the Yoga Farts monologue from “Yoga Farts: A Play in One Act” (Written in 2016). My songs are “Slightly Perfect” by Arnold Horwitt and Harry Revel (Written in 1945) and “Sweet Liberty” from “Jane Eyre” (Written in 1995).

There are two main steps to college auditions. The first is a prescreen, which is where you film yourself performing your materials, and then upload them to an audition website that sends the videos out to whatever colleges you are applying to.

The next step is unified auditions. Unifieds are when multiple colleges from across the country come together and host auditions for one weekend. Unifieds are normally held in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and students are able to audition for as many colleges as they want.

Senior Grace Horeckzo is taking part in college auditions and had this to say about the process: “My experience so far has been so enriching, both as an actor and a human being. It tests me and reminds me that if I want to do this for the rest of my life, this is what I’ll be doing and how I will be working; so I’m buckling up. I’m working hard with amazing people who are making the process twenty million times easier, I am so grateful for them. I am only in the beginning stages, days away from my pre-screen, but I am already so excited and ready for what’s to come.”

The college audition experience has been nothing short of a unique and challenging learning opportunity. As Grace and I continue to go through this journey, we are both looking forward to what’s to come out of this process. It is going to be a long and difficult journey to the end, but we are both working so hard that it will all be worth it in the end. We have both grown so much both as performers and as people and we  are looking forward to sharing the final product with everyone

We can’t wait to keep everyone up to date as the audition process goes on throughout the year.